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Clearing New Customers in Illiad

  1. Click on the “Clear New Customers” icon or from the Menu Bar select “Pre-Processing ” and then “Clear New Customers”.

  2. At the top left of the “Clear of Disavow Customers” screen, a list of new registrants will appear.

  3. Double click on the username of a Customer to be cleared. This will bring up that Customer’s data in the “Customer Information” section.

  4. Highlight the Customer’s user name and copy to the clipboard (Ctrl-C).

  5. Open a web browser session on the LDAP page: (http://eguide.okstate.edu/eGuide/servlet/eGuide) for the OSU Campus Directory Search Logon Page.
  6. You must login by entering your O-Key UserName and Password.
  7. You can then search for the new patron by entering either their User Name, Email Address, Last Name or First Name. You can then verify the patron's information.

  8. If their username (at the top of the “Customer Information” section) is the same as their email prefix in LDAP, you can proceed.

  9. View the right hand section of the “Clear or Disavow Customers” page. This is a list of Customers which have already been cleared. Be sure the Customer you are currently working on appears in the cleared Customer list only once.

  10. Back in the “Customer Information” section, click in the “Notification Box” and enter “E-Mail”. Both the “E” and the “M” must be upper case.

  11. In the box for “Article Del Meth”, enter “E-Mail”. Both the “E ” and the “M” must be upper case.

  12. In the box for “Elec Delivery”, enter “Yes”. The “Y” must be upper case.

  13. Click the “Save Customer Information Changes” button in the upper right section of the “Customer Information” screen.

  14. Verify that the other information looks correct.

  15. If everything looks good, click on the “Clear Customer” button at the bottom. This will clear the Customer , send them an email, and add them to the Customer list.

  16. If the username the patron has entered does not match the information in LDAP, the Customer must be “Disavowed”.

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