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Processing Copyright Requests in Illiad

  1. Log into Illiad Client.

  2. If the status message Awaiting Copyright Clearance option appears on the Main Menu, double click on it to bring up the Process Copyright screen. A list of pending requests will appear on the screen. Click on the button Auto Select No Problem Requests to have the system mark those requests which present no problems. The selected requests will now have a check mark in the box on the left. View each of the selected requests to verify that they are older than five years and are not covered by CONTU. If there are no problems with the selected requests, click the No Problem button to move these requests along.

  3. The remaining requests should be from journals within the last five years. View each request and select those which will not require a copyright payment. The Copyright List on the right of the screen shows a list of journals from which five or more articles have been borrowed which were less than five years old during the current calendar year. Additional requests from these journals requires a copyright royalty payment. If the request in the Process Copyright queue is from a journal not in the Copyright List, select (place a check mark in the box to the left) that request as falling within CONTU guidelines. Press the No Problem button.

  4. The remaining requests require copyright payment. Select one of the requests by placing a check mark in the box to the left. Click on the CCC Home Page button to access the Copyright Clearance Center. Select the Search button and select Title Catalog. Select the Transactional Reporting Service (TRS) link and enter the Publication Title in the Search For box. This should bring up copyright information about the journal requested. Cut and Paste the relevant information (Base Fee, ISSN, and Per Page Fee, if any) in the Copyright Payment Information section of the Illiad Process Copyright page. Fill in the number of pages of the article in the # of Pages box. Click the Pay Copyright button to attach the information to the request. Select the next request and repeat the above process until all requests have been processed.

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