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InterLibrary Services
Staff Manual

Processing Borrowing Requests in Illiad

  1. Open your “Awaiting Request Processing” folder.

  2. Select a request to be processed.

  3. Review the request information to determine what information is present.

    1. Loans: look for Title / Author / ISBN / OCLC #
    2. Articles: look for Journal Title / Article Title / Article Author / Volume / Issue # / Year / Page #s
    3. If Journal Title is abbreviated use Google online*, the Journal Abbreviation Sources link from the ILS Home Page, or the “Periodical Title Abbreviations” book on our reference shelf to determine the full title.
      • Finding a corresponding ISSN would also be adequate to authenticate the journal title.

  4. Search Journal / Loan Title in the OSU catalog

    1. Verify that OSU does not hold the title. For Journals, verify that OSU does not own the specified volume(issue).
    2. See **IF OSU OWNS THE MATERIAL (below)

  5. Open an OCLC Live link by clicking on the OCLC button at the top right side of the General Request Form.

  6. Search for the material on OCLC using the provided search strings or create your own search string in the text box at the top of the screen (OCLC# & ISSN/ISBN searches work best)

  7. Find an item on OCLC that exactly matches your request. Select that number in the text box. Press Enter on the keyboard or click Send.

  8. The individual record will appear showing item information including the number of holdings. The record will also tell you whether OSU holds the material or not.

  9. Click the Holdings tab at the top of the OCLC ILL Interface Form. Drag down to (or type into the text box) DHU.
    1. DHU is a list of all holdings sorted into groups and ranked by our affiliation with the school.
    2. DHC creates a preferred lender string based on our affiliation with the school. DHC is ok for books but does not work well with journals because it does not take into consideration volume/year holdings.
    3. DHA is an unsorted list of all schools that hold the material.

  10. From the sorted DHU list select up to 5 lenders and enter them into a lender string in the text box beginning with “wf“
    1. Example: [ wf kku,iyu,ldl,muu,uby ]

  11. Click Send or type Enter

  12. The screen should automatically switch from the “OCLC Searching” tab to the “Work Form Editing” tab. In the “Patron” field place your cursor after the person’s name, click the space-bar, and type in the Transaction Number plus your initials.

  13. Click the Save icon at the top of the screen.

  14. Click the “Produce or Replace Record” icon at the top of the screen (next to the Save icon). This will close the OCLC interface and return you to the General Request form.

  15. Click “Request Sent” at the top right side of the General Request Form. This will close the screen and return you to the “Awaiting Request Processing” folder.

  16. Select a new request and repeat the procedure.

**IF OSU OWNS THE MATERIAL: The request is called an A1 and cannot be requested through Interlibrary Loan. At this point we will have a student search the shelves and verify that the material is there. Upon verification, we will contact the patron and let them know the material is available at OSU. From the General Request Screen:

  1. Type in the Call Number and Location from the OSU catalog into the appropriate fields on the right side of the General Request Form.

  2. Click the “Save Changes” tab on the top left side of the screen.

  3. Click on the Process tab at the top right side of the screen. Drag down to Print then drag down to “ Empty Queue and Print Request to Template” for your first A1 request. For all subsequent A1 requests drag down to “Print Another Request to Template (Append)”

  4. Click the “Route” tab on the top left side of the screen.

  5. Drag down to A1.

  6. After all requests have been processed open the “PrintA1.doc” document.

  7. Click on the “Merge to Printer” icon. A print dialogue box will open. Click "OK".

  8. After the document has printed, close the document and DO NOT save changes.

  9. Highlight call numbers on the A1 document and place in the A1 search box on Johnny’s desk.

  10. The students will now search the requests and note our holdings with the code “OS” for on shelf and “NOS” for not on shelf. When they finish they will return the search requests to the bottom tray on Johnny’s desk.

  11. Open the A1 folder and select a record that has been searched by a student.

  12. If the record is listed as “NOS” click the “Route” tab and drag down to your “Awaiting Request Processing” folder.

  13. If the record is listed as “OS” click the “Cancel Request” tab.

  14. Select the appropriate reason “Available from OSU Library” and enter the call number and location of the item.

  15. Click the “Cancel Request” button. This will generate an automatic email informing the patron of the status of the material.

***If the request is available electronically:

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