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What's New in Interlibrary Services?

Dec 19, 2006:Change in Username | Dec 15, 2003: New ILS System | Nov 1, 2003: New Fines Policy | Summer, 2003: Plans for the Near Future | Nov 5, 2002: Winter Intersession Hours Change | Sept 24, 2002: Lost Requests | June 24, 2002: ILS Material Pick-Up

Change in Username

Effective Tuesday December 19, 2006 (or very late December 18), the Username for logging into the Interlibrary Services Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery System will change from the current O-Key system generated username to your OSU email address (ex. pistol.pete@okstate.edu). This change is being make to better conform with other systems on campus. When the Interlibrary Services system was first brought up, our only option was to use the O-Key generated username. We now have an option and have opted to make the change.

New InterLibrary Services System

Effective December 15, 2003, Interlibrary Services will begin using a new system for borrowing, the OSU Interlibrary Services Document Delivery System. The most obvious change for users is that they will have to login to the system to place requests for articles, books, etc. First Time Users will need to follow the "First Time User's" link and complete the "Registration Form". This will establish a record for each patron which will not have to be re-entered each time a new request is placed. Users will have to login each time to be authenticated. The Username will be the user's OSU email prefix, for example, Pistol Pete's email address is ppete@okstate.edu so his Username would be ppete. A User's Password will be the same as the password for logging into the OSU network. OSU faculty, staff, and students use this password whenever they log into the OSU campus network on their office computer or in the computer labs on campus, or with the laptops they checkout in the library. Once the user is logged in, they can access the web request forms and view their electronically delivered articles.
December 15, 2003

New Fines Policy

Beginning November 1, 2003, Interlibrary Services will begin charging fines for ILS materials returned late. Any item borrowed through Interlibrary Services which is checked out after Nov. 1, 2003 and is returned late will be charged an overdue fine. The fine for overdue books and materials will be $5.00 per book per day. This new policy will not affect most patrons who use Interlibrary Services. Only that small percentage of patrons that keep ILS materials overdue will notice this new policy.

The University Library Advisory Committee passed this new policy and it was their intent that the policy be the same as the policy for overdue "Recalled" materials. When materials are kept beyond their due date, it affects our relationship with the lending library. Some libraries have suspended our borrowing privileges because patrons have kept materials beyond the due date. This means we can not borrow materials from that library for anyone. Overdues do not affect the relationship we have with a lending institution for just the offending patron, but all patrons are affected.
November 1, 2003

Plans for the Near Future

Interlibrary Services will be undergoing several changes during the Summer, 2003. The change having the greatest impact for our patrons involves a change in the software we use in Interlibrary Services. We have been using Clio for the past 4.5 years. It is based on MS Access and with our volume of activity, we have been experiencing difficulties and slow-downs. We will be moving to Illiad which is MS SQL based and more robust and should be able to handle our volume of activity more efficiently.

The most obvious change will be that you will be required to register with the system the first time you attempt to place a request. Once you have registered, you will have to log-in to place article and book requests. The advantage to this is that the system will retain this information and in the future, once you have logged in, the system will supply all of your personal information (name, address, email address, department, phone number, etc.) automatically for each request. You will also be able to view your outstanding requests to check their progress.

The new system will also allow you to view articles which we received electronically and have posted to a server for you to view, similar to Prospero. The system will even allow you to review your past requests.
Summer, 2003

Winter Intersession Hours Change and Holiday Delivery of Materials

Nov 5, 2002: Due to the State and University funding shortage, the OSU Library will be reducing hours for the remainder of the fiscal year. As part of this reduction, the university has announced that December 23, 2002 and January 2 and 3, 2003 will be manditory leave days for the university community. As such, Interlibrary Services will now be closed from 5:00 p.m. December 20, 2002 until 8:00 a.m. January 5, 2003 for Winter Intersession. The library will also reduce its hours during this time period.

Materials requested by Oklahoma State Univesity Library patrons will be impacted by these changes in hours. Books, microfilm and other materials which must be sent by the lending institution by mail will probably not arrive in Interlibrary Services until after January 5, 2003.

Requests for most materials will probably experience a slow down during the holidays. Many institutions are closed during the holidays and will not process requests until after they return to begin the new year. Also, the U. S. Postal Service will be indundated with mail during this period and many items will be slowed in the congestion.

Lost Requests

Sept 24, 2002: ALERT! If you placed requests using the article or book request forms between Monday 9/23/02 at 1:00 P.M. and Tuesday 9/24/02 at 8:00 A.M., your requests may have been lost. We experienced a computer glitch and irretrievably lost 53 requests during this time period. Things seem to be working now and you will need to place your requests again as we do not know who submitted requests or what was requested. We regret this situation and apologize to everyone affected.

ILS Material Pick-Up

June 24, 2002: Beginning Monday, June 24, 2002, all Interlibrary Services materials which were formerly checked-out in Interlibrary Services will now be checked-out at the Circulation Desk.

If you have been notified that a book, thesis, or microfilm you requested through Interlibrary Services is available for your pick-up, it can now be checked out at the Circulation Desk any time the library is open (see the Library Hours page). You are no longer limited to picking up your materials to the hours Interlibrary Services is open.

The Interlibrary Services Information Desk will still be open to assist you with questions or problems you may have about Interlibrary Services or the interlibrary loan process. Drop by any time we are open (see the ILS Hours page) for help or to chat.

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