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InterLibrary Services
Reasons We Could Not Fill a Lending Request
(Reasons for No - See Definations From OCLC Listed Below)
FY 2010

Reason for Cancellation Number Cancelled Percent of Total
Not on shelf 4649 9.39%
In Use On Loan 3796 7.66%
Lack volume/issue 3341 6.75%
On Reserve 2010 4.06%
Other 902 1.82%
Not Found as Cited 871 1.76%
Non-circulating 620 1.25%
At bindery 545 1.10%
Lost 521 1.05%
In Processing 255 0.51%
Title not owned 252 0.51%
Issue not yet received 249 0.50%
Electronic version only ILL Not Permitted 199 0.40%
Unknown 78 0.16%
Poor Condition 1 0.00%
TOTAL 18,289 36.92%

12. Reasons for No—ISO ILL 10161 Codes and Definitions*

Reason for No ISO Code

WCRS Reasons for No

in use on loan

Item owned but currently in use by patron or on loan to another institution.

non circulating

Item held but not available for loan.

not on shelf/missing

Item owned but is not charged out and not on shelf.

not owned

Item not owned.

lacking volume/issue

The title is owned but not component part or pages requested.

branch policy problem

No policy in place to permit completion of the request.

on order

Item ordered but not received.

cost exceeds limit

Minimum cost to supply request is greater than amount in MAXCOST.

technical processing

Item received but not yet ready for use.

preferred delivery time not possible

Unable to fill request within time preferred by the Borrower.

poor condition

Item owned but physical condition prohibits lending or reproduction.

at bindery

Item owned but at the bindery.

volume issue not yet available

Title owned but requested component part has not yet been received.

not licensed to fill

This library lacks the contractual authorization to provide the item.

requested delivery services not supported

Unable to send item via type of delivery method requested.

prepayment required

Prepayment required prior to processing the interlibrary loan transaction.


Cannot fill request for reasons other than those provided by ISO.

*From WorldCat Resource Sharing User Guide: 13 Responding to an Initial Request (Lender)

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