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Pistol Pete's Legacy Lives On


October 14, 2009
Story by Marissa Chavez, OSU Library Communications Intern

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STILLWATER -OSU homecoming is here, school spirit is on the rise, and O-STATE Stories now highlights the most school spirited person in OSU history, Pistol Pete.

“Pistol Pete may not be a celebrity in the eyes of the nation,” said Jerry Gill, coordinator of the O-State Stories Project. “But he’s an icon for OSU.”

Last year O-STATE Stories interviewed about 15 men, who took the role as Pistol Pete in OSU’s history. All the men had their own story to tell and no one experience was the same.

The men came from all over the nation and graduated at different times. “It put together a good collective experience,” Gill said.

Some stories are unique to the individual interviewed, and others relate to a collective experience such as Homecoming, Greek life, residence hall life and Cowboy sports. All the stories are about the unforgettable memories and the connections made in the “OSU experience.”

“O-STATE Stories has a bright future and it’s something we’re really proud of,” Gill said

O-STATE Stories can be used as primary documents for research, Gill said. It also helps tell OSU’s story and everyone can use what’s documented to promote OSU. The transcripts and audio of these interviews are found at www.library.okstate.edu/oralhistory.

O-STATE Stories is one of many projects of the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program. Formally established in 2007, the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program (OOHRP) at the OSU Library has collected and preserved firsthand accounts from individuals who have witnessed historic moments. The Program explores the lives and contributions of Oklahomans from all walks of life. To learn more about the OOHRP call 405-744-7942, email liboh@okstate.edu, or visit http://www.library.okstate.edu/oralhistory/.

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