The Henry G. Bennett Distinguished Service Award


Mr. F. M. "Pete" Bartlett
Tulsa Executive and Philanthropist

F. M. "Pete" Bartlett

Oklahoma State University is please to honor Mr. F. M. Bartlett, an outstanding engineer, businessman, civic leader and philanthropist. A man of humble beginnings, he has shunned public recognition for most of his philanthropic efforts. He is in his second term as President of the Tulsa Center for the Physically Limited, and has been a major financial contributor to that agency. He served on a number of boards and committees of the City of Tulsa, is a past President of the Oklahoma Society of Professional engineers, and is also a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Society of Petroleum Engineers.

He was President and Chairman of the Board of the company he founded 22 years ago until this year, and he currently serves as consultant to its successor. He brought a number of engineering improvements to the industry, and many of his early design and engineering innovations are still in use today.

Mr. Bartlett was the first Chairman of the Board of the Oklahoma State University Foundation and he has been a major contributor to the University. He and his wife, through a substantial gift to the University, set up an endowment fund which supports the University's most prestigious scholarship. A long-time supporter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Mr. Barlett was largely responsible for the placement of a memorial to that organization on the Oklahoma State University campus, where it was founded some three decades ago. He also was one of the main contributors in time and financial support to the establishment of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in Stillwater.

Mr. Barlett has served his Alma Mater in a number of ways and whenever asked. He is a former president of the OSU Alumni Association, he was named a Distinguished Alumnus of Oklahoma State University in 1977. During World War II he was a Lieutenant Commander in the U. S. Navy, serving in the Pacific Theater of Action. He is a 32nd Degree Mason and world traveler to some 30 countries.

Year of Award: 1981