The Henry G. Bennett Distinguished Service Award


H. F. Donnelley
Educational and Youth Service Pioneer

Mr. H. F. Donnelley

Mr. H. F. Donnelley enrolled at Oklahoma State University in 1919--and 70 years later--at age 89--continues to be actively involved with the OSU Community Education Center, as well as continuing to be an enthusiastic alumni and contributing community leader.

H. F. Donnelley is known as one of Oklahoma's great educational and youth service pioneers, and serves as an inspiration to young and old alike. He has served as a volunteer and professional scouting executive, and as a classroom teacher. He founded an insurance company, served on school boards, and has distinguished himself on the local, state, national, and international levels as an advocate of education and social services. Indeed, numerous social service programs have flourished under Mr. Donnelley's leadership, particularly noteworthy is the IOA Youth Ranch, currently known as the Lion's Boys' Ranch. Mr. Donnelley's visionary efforts on prevention strategies for youth, including the project of "Hidden Treasure," involved more than 7,000 people of all ages from 77 communities in an intergenerational project of discovering their heritage. The "History Alive!" program, cosponsored by the Oklahoma Historical Society and the Community Education Center, was stimulated through the work of H. F. Donnelley and centers on the development of partnerships of youth and family in serving institutions, businesses, and community organizations.

To recognize his philosophy of contributions to "persons helping themselves and their community, "the National Community Education Association presented him with their prestigious Distinguished Service Award in 1989. Through his tireless efforts and personal dedication to educational, social, and humanitarian issues, priorities, and concerns, H. F. Donnelley has brought great prestige and honor to himself, to his family, and to Oklahoma State University.

Year of Award: 1990