The Henry G. Bennett Distinguished Service Award


Mr. Stanley Draper
Retired Executive Officer, Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Stanley C. Draper
Mr. Edward King Gaylord
Mr. James Edwin Webb

It is appropriate that The Henry G. Bennett Distinguished Service Award be presented to Mr. Stanley C. Draper, Mr. Edward King Gaylord, and Mr. James Edwin Webb--individuals who have demonstrated with their hearts, minds, and souls those qualities of character which exemplify the life of the man in whose name the award is made.

Mr. Draper, one of the greatest "city builders" this country has yet produced, was born in Lasker, North Carolina, and came to Oklahoma City in 1919 possessed of the enthusiasm, vision, and determination so evident in those early pioneers. He foresaw the coming of the space age and was determined that Oklahoma City should become a great metropolitan scientific, cultural, and educational center. In his forty-eight years with the Oklahoma city Chamber of Commerce, forty of which were spent as its chief executive officer, Mr. Draper provided the dream, the plan, and the encouragement for innumerable civic undertakings which resulted in the economic and cultural betterment of the city and the state.

Year of Award: 1973