The Henry G. Bennett Distinguished Service Award


Mr. James A. Lovell, Jr.
Apollo 8 Astronaut

James A. Lovell, Jr.

In recognition of their scientific and technological achievement as the first humans to circumnavigate the moon in December 1968. The pioneering flight of 147 hours covered a total distance of 590,000 miles and included ten orbits of the moon.

"We sweated the burn into lunar orbit. If that burn was not correct we could have gone into all sorts of oddball orbits, none of them nice. When we committed ourselves to it we were really saying, 'Earth, we are forsaking you. We're going into the influence of the moon and if that engine doesn't work when we want to leave here, we are going to belong to the moon forever.'"

James A. Lovell, Jr.
BS, U.S. Naval Academy

Year of Award: 1969