The Henry G. Bennett Distinguished Service Award


Mr. M. B. "Bud" Seretean
President, Coronet Industries

M.B. "Bud" Seretean

Mr. Paul Miller
Mr. M. B. Seretean
Mr. Walker Stone

It is appropriate that The Henry G. Bennett Distinguished Service Award be presented to Mr. Paul Miller, Mr. M. B. Seretean, and Mr. Walker Stone -- individuals who have demonstrated with their hearts, minds, and souls those qualities of character which exemplify the life of the man in whose name the award is made. Oklahoma State University is honored to recognize these three alumni, all of whom have been previously elected to the OSU Alumni Hall of Fame.

Mr. M.B. Seretean is the founder, President, and Chairman of the Board of Coronet Industries, a subsidiary of the RCA Corporation. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of RCA. In 1965 he was named the Outstanding Small Businessman in the nation, and in 1971 was the recipient of the Gold Torch Award from the City of Hope, a pilot medical center headquartered in Duarte, California. Mr. Seretean has given generously of his resources to his alma mater and was the primary sponsor of OSU's Center for the Performing Arts, which bears his name.

Perhaps most important to Oklahoma State University is the fact that these three distinguished alumni have given support to the University and continue to stand as the embodiment of the leadership which comes from the most important element of this institution--its students.

Year of Award: 1972