The Henry G. Bennett Distinguished Service Award


Mr. Raymond A. Young
Chairman of the Board, TG&Y Stores

Raymond A. Young

The Honorable Henry Bellmon
Mr. M. A. Wright
Mr. Raymond A. Young

It is appropriate the Henry G. Bennett Distinguished Service Award be presented to The Honorable Henry Bellmon, Mr. M. A. Wright and Mr. Raymond A. Young -- individuals who have demonstrated with their hearts, minds and souls those qualities of character which exemplify the life of the man in whose name the award is made.

Mr. Young epitomizes the "American success story." He rose from humble beginnings to found the R. A. Young Company of Kingfisher, Oklahoma, and later became one of the founders of the TG&Y Stores Company of Oklahoma City. He served as President of that company from 1936 to 1964 and is currently Chairman of the Board. He is man of varied interests, as evidenced by his directorships in Liberty National Bank & Trust Company, The Oklahoma City Metropolitan YMCA, the Oklahoma City Symphony Society, and the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, the latter two of which he served as President. He is also a trustee of the Oklahoma Industrial Authority, and has just completed a two-year term as president of the Oklahoma Heritage Association.

Year of Award: 1975