The Henry G. Bennett Distinguished Service Award


Mr. John S. Zink
Industrialist and Civic Leader

John S. Zink

Mr. John S. Zink is President of Zinko, Incorporated, and until recently was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the John Zink Company, and international equipment manufacturing concern. He is also a rancher and has various other business interests.

A 1951 mechanical engineering graduate of Oklahoma State University, he hold 35 United States patents in combustion technology and automotive engineering. He is a member of the OSU Engineering Hall of Fame. Mr. Zink is also a member of the United States Auto Club and Chairman of its Engine Committee.

Among his interests is the John Zink Ranch, which has been termed the most versatile public outdoor recreation center in the nation. The ranch is used by many thousands of visitors each year for such activities as fishing, back-packing, camping, motorcycling, automobile events, horseback riding, target shooting, archery, bird watching, geology field trips, botany research and others.

The Boy Scouts of America use the 14,000-acre ranch for a wide variety of outdoor activities and leadership training.

The John Zink Foundation is a non profit philanthropic organization which makes continuing major contributions to charitable, cultural and educational institutions and groups in Oklahoma.

Mr. Zink organized the John Zink Racing Team some 30 years ago, and it became an international leader. Cars that he designed and built won the Indianapolis 500 Race twice, the Monza International 500 in Italy, the United States Auto Club national championship, and many other before he discontinued his racing activated in 1981.

Mr. Zink, his wife and four sons share many hobbies, including sailing, motorcycling, skiing and swimming.

Year of Award: 1985