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Rex Cunningham Architectural Resource Center
Rex Cunningham

The Rex Cunningham Architectural Resource Center (now called the Cunningham Architectural Library) was first established on the second floor of the OSU Armory/ Gymnasium when it was renovated into the Architecture Building in 1978. The above drawing by Professor Alan Brunken, who designed the original space, was used in a fundraising campaign to help establish this center. Professor Rex Cunningham occupies a very special niche in the history of the School of Architecture at Oklahoma State. To hundreds of students whose lives he touched during his 43 years of faculty service he will always be remembered as the venerable “Mr. C”, the man who shared with them his broad understanding of life and who placed the study of architecture in a very human context.

He was teacher, listener and friend. He was sensitive to human needs and
aspirations. His interests were wide-ranging yet each led him to a fuller
understanding of man’s place in the world and contributed to his ability to
broaden the perspectives of his students.

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