Oklahoma State University


The CML Historical Collection

The CML's Historical Collection contains more than 4,000 books with copyright dates ranging from 1898 to 1990. Many of the materials within this collection are first editions of popular children's and young adult books which are no longer used in today's classroom but still have historical value for those interested in researching the trends in Children's Literature.

These materials have been removed from the regular collection and placed in the Historical Collection because of one of the following conditions:

  • the book is an outdated, popular first edition that is currently out-of-print
  • the book has been signed by the author
  • the book is an information book but now contains outdated information which was written by a reknowned children's or young adult author
  • the book was a nominee for the Oklahoma Sequoyah Children's Award Masterlist (dating from 1959-1990)
  • the book is fragile, worn, and currently out-of-print

Worn, damaged, and out-of-print materials currently held within the Historical Collection are continuously reviewed for replacement when reissued copies are made available by the publishers. When these materials are reissued, the CML will purchase additional copies of these materials for placement in the regular collection. Therefore, in order to preserve the remaining copy for review by all patrons, the worn and out-of-print item is placed within the Historical Collection until it becomes available for purchase.

In order to encourage the enjoyment and interest in these materials, most of the books within the Historical Collection are still available to patrons as a 2-Hour Reserve in-house circulation. Patrons who are interested in reviewing the items for recreational or research purposes are encouraged to contact the CML Librarian for more information about a particular title if they are interested.

Significant Children's and YA Authors

Judy Blume   Silverstein
Beverly Cleary   Daugherty