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Available to non-OSU users Open to everyone. No OSU ID needed.

OSU offers two ways to access MEDLINE:

MEDLINE (via EBSCO)  (OSU ID required)
  • Also inclues AIDSLINE (AIDS information 1980-present, updated weekly), BIOETHICSLINE (Ethics and related public policy issues in health care and biomedical research, 1973-present), and HealthSTAR (Health policy and administration) Coverage: 1966 - present unless otherwise noted

MEDLINE (via Web of Science)  (OSU ID required)
  • This version of MEDLINE includes records from OLDMEDLINE, which covers the biomedical literature from 1950-1965. These records lack some of the detailed indexing evident in MEDLINE records. Coverage: MEDLINE 1966 - present. Coverage: OLDMEDLINE 1950 - 1965