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Bonnie Ann Cain-Wood, APR

As the OSU Libraries' Senior Communications Specialist, I can provide more information on Library events, publications or press releases. If you have questions about publication reprints, an upcoming event or how to schedule your own event, I can help. If you are a reporter and have follow up questions concerning a press release or news issue or if you would like to interview or photograph in the Library, please contact me directly. I can quickly put you in contact with the most appropriate source.

Bonnie Ann Cain-Wood, APR
Senior Communications Specialist
224 Library

Library News

There are always new and exciting things going on at the Library. Read our current and past headlines, find out more on our outreach campaigns and download issues of our Annual Report at the OSU Library News homepage.

Calendar of Events

The Library Calendar of Events will give give you quick information on our various events and exhibits. I am the primary contact for most events.

Friends of the OSU Library

The Friends of the OSU Library are the annual giving group that supports the OSU Libraries. I work on the executive team which coordinates the Friends events. I oversee all Friends publications and serve as the group's Webmaster. I am an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors.

All About Bonnie

Bonnie loves being a redhead, sunshine, movies, gummy bears, all things frog, the color yellow & having sisters that look just like her. She maintains closes ties to her alma mater, Oklahoma State University, where she earned a B.S. in environmental science and a M.S. in mass communications.

Bonnie stumbled upon a career in public relations after a life-changing afternoon washing dirt. She has worked in public relations for more than a decade, specializing in education, libraries and the arts. Bonnie became accredited in public relations in 2007. Now, she enjoys mentoring PR students and working with the Oklahoma City Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America to help advance the profession and the professional.

You Never Would Have Guessed

I have taught archery & rock climbing and I'm certified as a ropes course instructor.

I was the subject of an urban legend: at my elementary school, I was the kid everyone thought had gone over the bar on the swing set.

I cheat at board games, but it's only board games. I swear!

I have trouble telling my left from my right, must be my creative spirit.

My number one regret is not throwing my bra at Bob Dylan when I had the chance.


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"If you want to get laid go to college, but if you want an education, go to the library."
-Frank Zappa