Oklahoma State University

Crossword Puzzle, Grades 9 - 12, Teacher's Guide

Have the students look at the crossword clues prior to viewing the DVD, so that they can answer the questions as the information is presented in the documentary.

Crossword, grades 9-12, key


  1. One of the Five Civilized Tribes.
  2. This field was closed to women.
  3. One of the Five Civilized Tribes.
  4. Angie always followed her diary entries with this.
  5. One of the Five Civilized Tribes.
  6. Angie believed in the need to establish a new Indian ___.
  7. Indians living secretly on ceremonial grounds were imprisoned and given these against their will.
  8. What does Angie say was her most dominant characteristic?
  9. This man was the first Governor of Oklahoma.
  10. Angie Debo lived here much of her life.
  11. This made Oklahoma rich in the 1920s.
  12. This was the subject and title of Angie's last book.
  13. Angie's first big study of Oklahoma was on the history of the ___ ___ Tribes. (2 words)


  1. Angie died in this month in 1988.
  2. One of the Five Civilized Tribes.
  3. The Dawes Commission headquarters were in this town.
  4. Angie advocated for service and ____.
  5. This item had not yet been invented when Angie began her writing career. (2 words)
  6. Angie began teaching when she was __ years old.
  7. This town was the oil capital of the world.
  8. Angie studied this field, ____ relations, at the Univeristy of Chicago.
  9. Angie discovered these through her research.
  10. One of the Five Civilized Tribes.
  11. Angie was born on the same day that this was declared to be closed.

This crossword puzzle was created by the Women's Archives at OSU with EclipseCrossword.