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Bill & barbara Turner Library Material Endowment Plate

Story originally ran in FY2006 Annual Report

The foundation of a great university is a great library with strong collections that are expansive and layered. Bill and Barbara Turner of Houston are helping to strengthen the Library’s collection with a recent gift establishing a named endowment.

Bill graduated from OAMC in 1950 with a BS in general business, and the Turners’ endowment will purchase library materials supporting the OSU Spears School of Business.

"When I was in college, I worked at the Library," said Bill. "They had received some maps from the government and these had to be separated and classified. The project lasted a couple months, but when we finished they kept me on in the documents department. I appreciated the help at the time, and now I want to help the Library in return."

Endowments are an essential part of the Library’s long term funding strategy. Funds are invested and earn interest in perpetuity. Each year, a percentage of the interest is used to purchase materials; the remainder is reinvested so the endowment can continue to grow.

Named endowments are established with a minimum contribution of $10,000 and must be fully funded within 5 years. Items purchased with endowment funds are recognized with a customized bookplate and a note in the online OSU Library Catalog.

For more information about named endowments, contact the Library Dean's Office at 405-744-6321.

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