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Named Endowments & Named Collections

The rising cost of library materials and the continued information explosion make it increasingly difficult for the Library to significantly expand its collections. Endowed collection funds are an essential part of the Library’s strategy for assuring that it can meet the information needs of students, faculty, and other scholars for years to come and maintain its place as one of the first-tier research libraries in North America.

Named Collection Endowments may be established with a minimum commitment of $25,000 and must be fully funded within five years. Endowment funds are invested will earn interest in perpetuity. The Library uses a percentage of the interest to purchase materials. The remaining interest is reinvested, so the endowment continues to grow. A personalized bookplate recognizes material purchased through a named collection endowment.

You can help bridge the funding gap by establishing a named collection endowment at the OSU Library. A named collection endowment provides ongoing support for the subject of your choice and helps protect it from fluctuations in material costs and state funding. There are several ways to create an endowment.

Contact us for more information.

Acquisition Endowments

These endowments support the purchase of Library materials

Special Purpose Endowments

Many endowments support the purchase of Library materials. Endowments are also in place for special projects such as building renovations, lecture series, and awards.

Endowed Chairs

Named Collections

These significant collection were donated to the Library by families and individuals. These collections are recognized with a customized bookplate.


For information on the H. Louise & H.E. "Ed" Cobb Speaker Series presented by the Friends of the OSU Library, contact Debbie Clemons at or 405-744-7273.

For more information on giving to the Library contact the Tylerr Ropp at or 405-385-5664 or contact Jill Johnson at or 405-385-0733.