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Bookplate for the Lola H. Lehman Endowment

Lola Lehman never had children of her own, but she’s sent thousands to college. A humble woman who stays more active than many people half her age, Lehman’s commitment to education and careful planning proves that a little generosity can go a long way.

Lehman has experienced many things in her nearly century-long life. The opportunity she’s most thankful for is an OSU education. Lola and her sister Lottie Herd received degrees from Oklahoma A&M in the 1930s.

“The older we got, the more determined our parents were to give us an education,” Lehman said. “I didn’t go to college in very much style, but I got there!”

Thankful for their $150 scholarships, Lola and Lottie never forgot the generosity others shared along the way. Supporting the university that changed their lives, Lola and Lottie established both scholarships and library collection endowments through planned gifts to OSU.

The sisters wanted to ensure their estates benefited deserving young people. Since establishing the endowments in 1974, Lola and Lottie have helped thousands of OSU students obtain a higher education degree.

Humble about her gifts, Lola encourages others to prepare for the future and establish gifts that benefit college students. Lola’s first donation over 30 years ago created a legacy that will inspire current and future OSU students.

“Lots of students have ambitions, but feel like they can’t afford to pursue their dreams,” Lehman said. “Lottie and I were just doing our part to help students the way others helped us.”

To learn more about planned giving, visit call 405-744-6321.

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