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View Progress as of 10/13/08

The Need

The OSU Library is committed to preserving the history and furthering the study of the state of Oklahoma.

In honor of Oklahoma’s upcoming centennial celebration, the Library is creating the Oklahoma Centennial Collection Endowment.

The endowment will provide annual funds to acquire materials with an Oklahoma connection. These include books, maps, photos, paintings, diaries, reports, databases or archives with an Oklahoma connection. Materials will also include works with an Oklahoma theme or by Oklahoma authors.

The endowment will also provide the support necessary to conduct, transcribe and preserve oral history interviews with notable Oklahomans from all walks of life.

The Library recently kicked off O-STATE stories, an oral history project that will chronicle the stories and experiences of OAMC graduates.

The success and viability of the endowment depend on the gifts of generous donors.

The Opportunity

Our initial goal was to kick off the endowment with 100 gifts of at least $100. This established the new endowment at the minimum $10,000 level. Now, we hope to continue building the Oklahoma Centennial Collection Endowment so it can provide increasing support for years to come.

Endowments funds are invested and earn interest in perpetuity. The Library uses a percentage of the interest to purchase materials. The remaining interest is reinvested, so the endowment can continue to grow.

Each book purchased from an endowment is recognized with a customized bookplate and a note in the online OSU Library Catalog indicating the book was purchased with funds from that endowment.

Increasing the number of named collection endowments aligns with the OSU Strategic Goal to provide a stimulating, responsive, and effective environment for student learning, and academic achievement. This project also directly supports the University’s strategic themes of

Current total donations

$22,337.77, as of 10/13/2008

Founding Donors

as of 8/6/07

Founding Members: 43

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Some Local Resources:

Coming soon - Items in the Oklahoma Centennial Endowment.


For information on the H. Louise & H.E. "Ed" Cobb Speaker Series presented by the Friends of the OSU Library, contact Debbie Clemons at or 405-744-7273.

For more information on giving to the Library contact the Tylerr Ropp at or 405-385-5664 or contact Jill Johnson at or 405-385-0733.