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Dr. Alan Brunken, 1995 Edna Mae Phelps Award Winner

Alan Brunken and Edna Mae Phelps

Above and Beyond Duty

This story originally appeared in the Summer 1995 Perspectives.

The Friends of the OSU Library have selected Dr. Alan Brunken as the recipient of the Second Annual Edna Mae Phelps Award. Dr. Brunken, a professor at the OSU School of Architecture, was recognized for his contributions "above and beyond duty" to the Library. He was honored at the recent H.Louise Cobb and the Friends of the OSU Library Banquet.

Dr. Brunken was an original member of the University Library Advisory Committee when it was first created six years ago. His contributions were considered so invaluable to the committee that the University Administration was persuaded to restructure it so that Professor Brunken could serve as a permanent ex-officio member.

According to Dr. Edward R. Johnson, OSU dean of libraries, "Dr. Brunken has contributed his time and professional expertise as an architect and planner to assist the Library with its physical plant problems and challenges. A major result of his efforts was the completion of the Library's Facilities Plan, a thorough, profession and up-to-date report that an outside consultant would have charged thousands of dollars to write.

"He has patiently and willingly shared his knowledge with the Library's faculty and staff on a variety of projects, including the rearrangement of the 3rd and 4th floors, designing Access Services offices, and developing a plan for a new Curriculum Materials Laboratory.

"Every time the Library has looked to him for help, he was provided it, often giving much more than what was dreamed possible."

Dr. Brunken says of his award,"It has been such a pleasure to work with the faculty and staff at the Library. I really enjoy helping them with their projects."


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