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The Puterbaugh Foundation Continues Support

Story originally ran in Perspectives Spring 2005

The Puterbaugh Foundation of McAlester has been a loyal OSU Library supporter through its funding of the Puterbaugh Endowed Professorship. Recent support from the foundation has not only enhanced this existing program, but also established a new cooperative project with the William S. Spears School of Business.

The Puterbaugh Endowed Professorship of Library Service at OSU was established in 1991 through the first of several generous gifts. The recent $75,000 addition to the Endowed Professorship brings the principle to nearly $350,000. The foundation’s latest gift established a $100,000 endowment to support legal studies in business.

The new fund supports three activities to improve the quality of the Spears School of Business Legal Studies program. Funds will purchase library materials, bring notable speakers, consultants, and scholars, and support professional development activities for legal studies faculty.

Steven Taylor, Justice of the Supreme Court and trustee of the Puterbaugh Foundation, said “Our founder, J.G. Puterbaugh, believed that libraries, books and reference materials were most important tools and that education was the first step toward the solution of social and economic problems."

Endowed Professorship, One Way to Support the Library

Story originally ran in Perspectives Fall 2002

"The Puterbaugh Foundation seeks ways to support the pure academic mission of the University by funding needs that, while they may have less popular appeal to contributors, have great importance to the goals of a great educational institution," says Judge Steve Taylor, trustee of the Puterbaugh Foundation. "The Puterbaugh Professorship of Library Science and its endowment are very important projects for us now and in the future. My fellow trustees, Norris Welker and Frank Edwards, and I are very proud of the work being done by Professor Paustenbaugh and her Graduate Assistants."

Dr. Jennifer Paustenbaugh is Head of the OSU Library’s Special Collections and University Archives and currently holds the Puterbaugh Professorship. She says, “The Puterbaugh Professorship Endowment has made many projects possible that the Library could not have undertaken otherwise.”

The endowment funded Paustenbaugh’s attendance at the Western Archives Institute. “It’s now supporting the implementation of preservation practices I learned there. We are starting in Special Collections, but eventually these practices will be used throughout the main collection.”

The endowment also made possible the oral history project, Women in the Dustbowl. It paid the salary of one Graduate Assistant, travel to interview sites, and transcription of the interviews. Paustenbaugh says, “There is no way we could have developed the project to this extent without the additional funding.”

The Puterbaugh Foundation of McAlester, Oklahoma established the endowment in 1992. Recently, trustees of the foundation chose to increase the Professorship by $50,000. Taylor says, “Our founder, J.G. Puterbaugh, believed that libraries, books and reference materials were most important tools and that education was the first step toward the solution of social and economic problems. The Puterbaugh Foundation will continue to support the academic mission of this University.”

Endowed Professorships are established with gifts of $250,000, which are matched by the Oklahoma State Board of Regents for Higher Education. Funds are invested and a percentage of the interest is used to support a faculty position. The money funds the purchase of books, journals, equipment, travel, supplementary salary, and other expenses deemed beneficial.


For more information on giving to the Library contact the Tylerr Ropp, Senior Director of Development, at or 405-385-5664.