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4th Floor Silent Study Area

James and Elizabeth Wise at the piano they gave the Library.

The Need

The OSU Library serves many constituents, faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the public. Different people use the Library in different ways, and we constantly strive to provide the best service possible to all these groups.

Many students today work in large groups on collaborative projects. Others need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busier areas in the building and find a quiet and tranquil corner where they can submerse themselves in study. The comfortable and inviting seating area on the 4th floor overlooks what many consider to be the best view on campus. From the arching windows, one can see the Library plaza, the Student Union tower, and the Formal Gardens.

Due to its popularity, we want to make it as conductive to study as possible. Recently, the lounge chairs were updated and ottomans were added. Next, we want to update the tables and chairs. Ideally, tables will be equipped with network and electricity ports, so students can easily use the laptops they check out from the Library.

The Opportunity

A gift of $100,000 will name the seating area in the donor’s honor. A donation of this size will allow us to complete plans for this area including an attractive railing to separate it from the walkways. A portion of the donation will be used to complete the initial work required to update the new area. The remainder will be endowed to provide continued support for maintenance and upkeep.

The completion of the 4th Floor Silent Study Area in the Edmon Low Library aligns with the OSU Strategic Goal to provide a stimulating, responsive and effective environment for student learning and academic achievement. This project directly supports the University’s strategic theme of academic instruction by outfitting the Library to better meet diverse learning needs, offering rich educational opportunities, and providing resources and learning experiences necessary to achieve full potential as individuals.


For more information on giving to the Library contact the Tylerr Ropp, Senior Director of Development, at or 405-385-5664.