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Funding Priorities at the OSU Library

Today, OSU is redefining and reimagining the land-grant mandates of openness, accessibility and service for the 21st century. To that end, the University has embarked on an unprecedented fundraising initiative, Branding Success: A Campaign for Oklahoma State University. By supporting the OSU Library, you are a part of this historic effort to transform OSU. We greatly appreciate your support.

There are four priority funding areas at the OSU Library.

  1. Collection Endowments: Endowments are an integral part of the Library's funding strategy. These funds provide ongoing support for the acquisition of books and other research materials in a specific subject area resulting in collections that are broader, deeper and more up-to-date than otherwise possible. More information about our endowments
  2. Work Scholarships: Everyone knows the library serves the students of OSU, but what many don't realize is that the library depends on a dedicated student work-force to maintain one of the best land-grant university libraries in the nation. Around 200 students support every aspect of library operations, making the OSU Library the second largest student employer on campus. Opportunities exist to create both undergraduate work scholarships or graduate fellowships for students working through college at the OSU Library. Learn more about how you can double your scholarship gift through the Pickens Legacy Scholarship Match.
  3. Facilities: The Edmon Low Library opened its doors in 1953. It was built for the future, but constant updates and renovations are still needed to remain a state of the art modern library. Facility projects awaiting funding include

  4. Faculty Support: Endowed faculty positions at OSU attract outstanding faculty with national and international recognition for quality teaching and research. In addition, the expertise of these scholars provides the leadership to benefit and serve other faculty, students and the region. Not only do endowed positions increase a faculty member’s stature in their profession, but these roles also establish educational strength and prestige for Oklahoma State University’s many academic departments and disciplines. Contact us to learn more about faculty support gifts at the OSU Library.

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For more information on giving to the Library contact the Tylerr Ropp, Senior Director of Development, at or 405-385-5664.