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The Need

The foundation of a great university is a great library with strong collections that are both expansive and deeply layered. A library’s collection is invaluable not only for recruiting the best faculty and students possible, but also for contributing to the excellence of the university. Endowed collection funds are an essential part of the Library’s strategy to acquire the breadth of material necessary to a research university.

Rising costs for books and journals threaten our ability to meet these needs. The average price of scholarly journals has risen 215 percent over the past 16 years. Book prices have increased by 82 percent. And yet, as costs for materials rise, our general operating budget does not keep pace. We must establish other funding sources in order to continue journal subscriptions and purchase new books at the levels required to support ongoing university research. To this end, private giving has become increasingly important to our efforts to provide strong library collections.

The Opportunity

You can help us provide the strongest possible library collections by funding a named collection endowment at the OSU Library. A named collection endowment provides ongoing support for the acquisition of books and other research materials in a specific subject area resulting in collections that are broader, deeper and more up-to-date than otherwise possible.

Current named collection endowments are listed here. New collection endowments can be established for $25,000 or more. Funds are invested and earn interest in perpetuity. The Library uses a percentage of the interest to purchase materials. The remaining interest is reinvested, so the endowment can continue to grow.

Library endowments are usually named for the donor and are dedicated to library acquisitions in the area agreed upon by the donor and the Library. These named collection endowments may be established with a minimum contribution of $25,000, which can be donated in increments, but must be fully funded within five years.

Each book purchased from an endowment is recognized with a customized bookplate designed to the donor’s specification and a note in the online OSU Library Catalog indicating the book was purchased with funds from that endowment.


For more information on giving to the Library contact the Tylerr Ropp, Senior Director of Development, at or 405-385-5664.