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[grey box] Business.gov

[grey box] STAT-USA, via University of Central Florida
STAT-USA from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce ceased to exist on October 1, 2010. This guide provides links to data sources which were used to provide information on the STAT-USA website.

[grey box] Statistics of U.S. Business, via U.S. Census Bureau
Data source for companies, establishments, employment, payroll and receipts.

[grey box] Survey of Current Business, via U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
Full-text monthly journal with articles and statistics about state, regional and U.S. business and economic conditions.

[grey box] U.S. Census Bureau
Click on 'Subjects A-Z' for related topics: Current Industrial Reports; Economy; Exports; Imports; International Statistics, Trade; Labor Force; Manufacturing; Trade Balance; Zip Code Statistics, etc.

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Company Finance / Information

[grey box] U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
 [diamond] EDGAR Database of Corporate Information, via U.S. SEC
   · Performs automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and forwarding of submissions by companies and others who are required by law to file forms with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Its primary purpose is to increase the efficiency and fairness of the securities market.
   · See also the 10K Wizard, a search engine for SEC Filings.

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[grey box] U.S. Dept. of Commerce
 [box] Economics and Statistics Administration
  [box] Bureau of the Census
   [diamond] Economic Census
(Includes specific sector information: Agriculture; Construction; Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate; Governments; Manufactures; Mineral Industries; Retail Trade; Service Industries; Transportation, Communications, and Utilities; Wholesale Trade.)
   [diamond] Economic Indicators
(See also Census Economic Briefing Room and this month's Economic Indicator Calendar.)
  [box] Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S.
(National data for GDP, etc. and industry and wealth. Also international and regional data.
   [diamond] Overview of the U.S. Economy (Recent quarters)
   [diamond] Survey of Current Business
 [box] Economic Development Administration

[grey box] U.S. Dept. of Labor
 [box] Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S.)
   [diamond] Economy at a Glance (Monthly Labor Market data; Hours, Earnings and Productivity; Prices).

[grey box] Economic Indicators, via U.S. Congress
See the Browse the 1998, 1999, and 2000 Economic Indicators.

[grey box] Economic Report of the President and Budget of the U.S. Government, via OMB and U.S. GPO

[grey box] Economic Statistics Briefing Room, via the White House
Current Federal economic indicators.

[grey box] Federal Reserve Economic Data, via Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

[grey box] Fed In Print
Index to Federal Reserve economic research.

[grey box] The Inflation Calendar (Non-federal)
Adjusts any given amount of money for inflation, according to the Consumer Price Index, from 1800 to 1998.

[grey box] National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc.

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Employment and Labor

[grey box] U.S. Dept. of Labor
 [box] Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S.)
   [diamond] Economy at a Glance (Monthly Labor Market data; Hours, Earnings and Productivity; Prices).
   [diamond] Surveys & Programs (Employment & Unemployment, Prices & Living Conditions, Compensation & Working Conditions, Productivity & Technology, Employment Projections, International Programs).
   [diamond] Publications & Research Papers (Compensation and Working Conditions, Issues in Labor Statistics, Monthly Labor Review Online, Occupational Outlook Handbook).
 [box] Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Dept. of Labor
    Information for individuals, employers, news highlights.

[grey box] Federal Jobs
FedWorld Federal Jobs Search.

[grey box] Federal Jobs Digest (Non-federal source)
America's #1 private source of Federal Job information since 1977.

[grey box] Government Employment, Education and Training, via FinanceNet

[grey box] Occupational Information Network, via U.S. Dept. of Labor
A comprehensive database system for collecting, organizing, describing and disseminating data on job characteristics and worker attributes. Replaces Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

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[grey box] U.S. Dept. of Commerce
 [box] Bureau of Export Administration

[grey box] export.gov
Online trade resources and one-on-one assistance for international business.

[grey box] Export Advantage, The
One-stop resource for those interested in exporting U.S.-made textile and apparel products.

[grey box] FirstGov for Exporters
One-stop shop for exporting.

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[grey box] FinanceNet
Financial management in government.

[grey box] Financial Management Service, U.S. Dept. of the Treasury
Includes Daily and Monthly Treasury Statements, Treasury Bulletin, etc.

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Industrial Classification

[grey box] North American Industry Classification System (Replaces SIC Code), via U.S. Census Bureau
The North American Industry Classification System provides common industry definitions for Canada, Mexico,and the United States. It has been developed in cooperation with the U.S. Economic Classification Policy Committee, Statistics Canada, and Mexico's Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, Geografia e Informatica. See also the National Technical Information Service's NAICS site.

[grey box] Standard Industrial Classification Manual, via OSHA
Classifies industries by their activities and lists standard industrial classification (SIC) codes. Keyword search.

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Industry and Commerce

[grey box] U.S. Dept. of Commerce

[grey box] Commodity Flow Survey Program, via Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Data on shipments by domestic establishments in manufacturing, wholesale, mining, and selected other industries.

[grey box] County Business Patterns, via the U.S. Bureau of the Census
Subnational economic data by industry. Annual series.

[grey box] Current Industrial Reports, via U.S. Census Bureau

[grey box] Economic Census, via U.S. Census Bureau
Includes specific sector information: Agriculture; Construction; Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate; Governments; Manufactures; Mineral Industries; Retail Trade; Service Industries; Transportation, Communications, and Utilities; Wholesale Trade.

[grey box] Enterprise Statistics, via U.S. Census Bureau
Periodic and comprehensive company-wide data, including company support organizations and selected financial activities.

[grey box] Federal Communications Commission (U.S.)

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Money Statistics

[grey box] Federal Reserve Board

[grey box] Releases and Historical Data, via Federal Reserve Board
Includes daily (H.15) and monthly (G.13) releases of selected interest rates and annual releases back to 1997 of foreign exchange rates (G.5A). The selected interest rates include Treasury bills, CDs, federal funds, commercial paper, bank prime, corporate bonds, and conventional mortgages. Also includes daily and historical commercial paper rates, daily bank prime rate back to 1955, monthly indexes of industrial production related capacities that cover manufacturing, mining, and electric and gas utilities, and more.

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Small Business

[grey box] U.S. Small Business Administration

[grey box] Business Owner's Toolkit
"Total know-how for small business."

[grey box] SCORE: Counselors to America's Small Business
The Service Corps of Retired Executives gives small business owners guidance in establishing and maintaining successful enterprises. The Web site offers disaster advice; locations of local chapters; links to calculators, free software, business plans, trade shows, and other business resources; news and informational articles; and free, confidential counseling by e-mail.

[grey box] Small Business, via FindLaw
Information "on starting, financing, managing and marketing" small businesses. Also includes downloadable checklists, model business plans, forms, other business documents and breaking legal and business news from Reuters.

[grey box] Small Business Environmental Gateway, via U.S. EPA

[grey box] Small Business Knowledge Base
Comprehensive free resource of small business information. Packed with hundreds of guides and worksheets.

[grey box] Small Business & Ownership, via U.S. Census Bureau

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Trade Statistics

[grey box] FedStats
Click on Topic Links A-Z and T, Trade.

[grey box] Foreign Trade Statistics, via U.S. Census Bureau
See Statistics: Current, Historical, Country: balance with U.S. and products traded with U.S., Top trading partners, Highlights, etc.

[grey box] USA Trade Online (requires password, inquire at Documents Reference desk)
Specific U.S. export and import information on more than 18,000 commodities world wide.

[grey box] U.S. International Trade Statistics, via CenStats (U.S. Census Bureau)
Value of Exports and General Imports for month and year to date. Search by Commodity Groupings or Country by Commodity.

[grey box] U.S. Trade Internet Service
Via the Foreign Agricultural Service. Features U.S. Exports, Imports and Re-Exports of Agricultural, Fish, Forest, and Textile Products with the World.

[grey box] U.S. Dept. of Commerce
 [box] Bureau of Export Administration

 [box] International Trade Administration
   [diamond] Countries and Regions
   [diamond] Industries and Sectors
   [diamond] U.S. Commercial Service, via USATrade.gov
      Information-rich resource offering effective trade and market research for businesses. The U.S. Commercial Service is a governmental organization that promotes American business interest worldwide.

[grey box] Federal Trade Commission
Enforces a variety of federal antitrust and consumer protection laws. Includes Consumer Protection, Antitrust/Competition, Business Guidance, Economic Issues, etc.

[grey box] FirstGov for Exporters
One-stop shop for exporting.

[grey box] Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the U.S. Annotated, via U.S. ITC
Provides the applicable tariff rates and statistical categories for all merchandise imported into the United States; it is based on the international Harmonized System, the global classification system that is used to describe most world trade in goods.

[grey box] U.S. Court of International Trade
Powers include the exclusive subject matter jurisdiction over "any civil action against the United States, its officers, or its agencies arising out of any law pertaining to international trade," as well as "certain civil actions brought by the United States under the laws governing import transactions."

[grey box] U.S. Economic and Trade Policy, via U.S. Dept. of State

[grey box] U.S. International Trade Commission
   [diamond] Tariff and Trade Data Web

[grey box] U.S. Trade Representative
   [diamond] 2000 National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers

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