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Depository Libraries in Oklahoma
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Depository libraries are those libraries specifically designated by the U.S. Government Printing Office to receive and make available U.S. government publications through the Federal Depository Library Program. There are close to 1,400 Federal depository libraries located throughout the United States and its territories, with at least one in every Congressional District. All provide free public access to the great extent of federal government information, in both print and electronic formats. The authority for the Depository Library Program is in Title 44, Chapter 19 of the United States Code. For more information see Government Information at a Library Near You.

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Depository Libraries in Oklahoma

There are two Regional Depository libraries and 18 Selective Depository libraries in the State of Oklahoma. The Regional libraries, the Oklahoma State University Library and the Oklahoma Department of Libraries receive and make available all materials distributed for public dissemination by the U.S. Government Printing Office. The Selective libraries receive and make available a percentage of the available information.

The OSU Documents Department is also a depository for Oklahoma state documents. Publications of other states, foreign governments and international organizations are obtained to support fields of special interest to the University.

The Depository Libraries in Oklahoma are listed below. The information is made available by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. See also the Oklahoma State Plan for the Federal Depository Library Program.

Oklahoma Department of Libraries, Regional, Oklahoma City
Oklahoma State University Library, Regional, Stillwater

Ada, East Central State University
Alva, Northwestern Oklahoma State University
Bethany, Southern Nazarene University
Durant, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Edmond, University of Central Oklahoma
Enid, Public Library of Enid and Garfield County
Langston, Langston University
Lawton, Lawton Public Library
Norman, University of Oklahoma, Bizzell Library
Norman, University of Oklahoma, Law Library
Oklahoma City, Metropolitan Library System
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City University
Shawnee, Oklahoma Baptist University
Tahlequah, Northeastern State University
Tulsa, Tulsa City-County Library
Tulsa, University of Tulsa, Law Library
Tulsa, University of Tulsa, McFarlin Library
Weatherford, Southwestern Oklahoma State University

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Depository Library Information Resources

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