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Quick Guide to the OSU Catalog


To search the OSU library collections, select either the "Basic Search" or "Advanced Search" links from the OSU Library Web site at: http://www.library.okstate.edu

For help in using the OSU Library Catalog, you may contact library staff at the Reference Desks in the Main Library or branch libraries. You may also call the Digital Library Services office at 405-744-9161.

The OSU Library Catalog has online help screens that are context-sensitive and can be viewed at any time by clicking on the Help button.

Managing Your Account

My Account space Renewing Items

My Account

To access your library record, click on the My Account button. Log in using either your OSU ID number or CWID and last name.

Your account information will display, including:

  • Information (name, address and phone number)
  • Items Checked Out (with their due dates)
  • Status of Items You Have Recalled
  • Fines & Fees Not Yet Sent to Bursar(Check your Bursar Account for items that have already been billed)

Renewing Items

To renew items, click in Renew? check box beside the item(s) and click the Renew Items button.

Be sure to check the updated screen after you submit your Renewal Request. There may be cases when a renewal is NOT accepted by the system. If you get "not renewed," please ask for more information at the Circulation Desk at 405-744-6812.

To protect the privacy of your library record, be sure to log off by clicking on the Logoff button.

Course Reserve space Advanced Searches space Basic Searches space Limiting Search Results space Displaying

Course Reserve

You can search for items on reserve by Instructor, Department, or Course. The most efficient method of searching is by Course.

Advanced Searches

Search for words or phrases using AND-OR-NOT relationships. Recommended for more complex topic or subject searches, or when you know only part of a title or author's name.

Basic Searches

Use this search option when you know the item you're looking for, or for keyword searches.

  • Enter your search term(s) in the Search for box then select the type of search in the Search by menu.
  • Omit initial articles like the, an, a, las, der, etc.
  • It is not necessary to capitalize, and punctuation should be omitted.

Limiting search results

You may limit, or narrow a search by using the "Title searches may be limited by" option on the Basic Search screen, or by clicking the Pre-select Limits button. Available limits include location, specific languages, publication years, and types of material.

Limits can be applied before entering the search or after you see results. The limits will remain in effect until you clear them by clicking the Remove Limits button.

In the Basic Search option, limits apply to "Title" and "Journal Title" searches only.


Click on any item to display the information for that record.

"Author" and "Heading" searches may retrieve headings preceded by a See Also button. Click on it to see the correct heading for the author or subject. Click on the correct author or subject heading to search for it.

For example, a heading search for "Scotland Union with England" produces a See Also button. When you click on it you will see:
See: Scotland History The Union, 1707

Related headings may also be displayed when you click on See Also.


If you don't find what you want... space Printing, Saving, E-mailing

If you don't find what you want...

Use the Hints section on any search screen, try another type of search, or click on the Help button.

Assistance is available at the Reference Desk, or by calling the Digital Library Services office at 405-744-9161.

Printing, Saving, Emailing

To print or to save an individual record to a disk, go to the Save Options box at the bottom of the record. After clicking on Format for Print/Save, use the browser's File pull-down menu to print or save the page.

To e-mail the record, enter your e-mail address, then click on the Email button.

To print, save or e-mail multiple records, go back to the Titles display. There is a Titles List button at the top of the screen and a text link at the bottom of the screen. Mark the records you want by checking the boxes in the left column. Note: if you wish to select records on more than one screen, you must click on the Retain Selected button to retain marked records on the current page. Click on the radio button for "Selected On Page" or "Selected All Pages" in the "Records" section of the Save Options box.

To print, save or e-mail all the records on a page, click on the radio button for "All on Page" in the "Records" section of the Save Options box.

Finding Articles and Databases

The OSU Library Catalog lists the journals we subscribe to and which issues we have, but does not search within them.

To find articles, go to the OSU Library's Web site (http://www.library.okstate.edu) and start your search in the Find Articles section.

Contact for information:

Digital Library Services
215A Library

Telephone: 405-744-9161
FAX: 405-744-7579
Email: lib-dls@okstate.edu