Oklahoma State University

Book Location by Call Number

No matter what library you visit, all library materials are shelved by call number. The main call number system Oklahoma State University Library uses is the Dewey Decimal Classification ("Dewey") system. Both an explanation of how the Dewey system works and a summary of the Dewey numbers are available on the Web.

Besides Dewey, the OSU Library also uses SuDocs and Jackson Numbers in the Government Documents department. Other systems are used in Room 105 (Microform & Media Room) and Special Collections & University Archives.

To find OSU Library materials, check the Location in the online catalog record. For Main Library locations, the first part of the call number and the chart below indicate the floor where the call number is shelved. All other locations are listed below.

Edmon Low Library floor plans

Call Number Locations

Call Numbers Books/Bound Periodicals
000 - 329 3rd floor
330 - 499 4th floor
500 - 649 Basement
650 - 659 4th floor
660 - 699 Basement
700 - 999 4th floor
Current Periodicals 1st floor
Theses 3rd floor
Quarto & oversize Basement


Special Locations

Catalog Location Physical Location
Annex N. Boomer Annex
Architecture Library 160 ARCH
Peggy V. Helmerich Browsing Room 2nd floor
CML 001 Willard Hall
Government Documents/Legal Reference 5th floor
Map Room Basement
Microform & Media/Room 105 1st floor
Patent Area 5th floor
Reference 1st floor
Special Collections & University Archives 2nd floor
Veterinary Medicine Library 102 McElroy Hall