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OSU Library Genealogy Resources

The OSU Library offers some resources that may be helpful to persons interested in genealogy; however, it does not have a separate genealogy collection or a librarian who specializes in genealogy searches. The General Reference Desk on the 2nd floor is a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with the Library. For Library hours call 405-744-5029.

OSU Library's Online Information System

The OSU Library web site provides access to the OSU Library online catalog and a variety of bibliographic indexes and remote library catalogs. Research workstations are located on every floor of the library.

Note: The OSU Library website and catalog can be accessed from any home or office computer equipped with a modem. OSU students, faculty and staff may also access the Library's databases from off-campus. See Accessing OSU Library's Web Databases From Off-Campus for instructions.

Newspapers (Room 105 (Microform & Media Room) 1st floor)

A complete list of newspapers owned by the OSU Library is available in Room 105 (Microform & Media Room) 1st floor southeast. The list is arranged by state and then by city. Some newspapers have indexes.

Maps (Map Room, Basement)

Government Documents (5th floor)

When looking for material published by a government agency, ask at the Documents Reference Desk.

Off-Campus Sources for Genealogical Research

A published index to approximately 67 cemeteries and burial sites in Payne County is available at several sites noted above.

Vertical file material, county newspapers, maps, and city directories are at several sites noted above.

Popular Titles for Genealogical Research

Internet Resources

You may want to start with keywords genealogical or genealogy using a search directory such as Yahoo or Metacrawler. Internet workstations are located on the 1st, 2nd and 5th floors.