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Books are great places to look for an overview of your topic. Reference books give you facts about your topic to support discussions or reviews you have found elsewhere. They might also give your other keywords to use researching your topic. Monographs (books written by researchers) will often focus on a broad view of your topic, and you will have to look for chapters on your specific narrower topic. Use the book’s table of contents or index to find your specific information.

From the OSU Library web page you can search the catalog two ways.

The search box at the top of the page will let you directly search the catalog in the BOSS system. This initial search will search all Oklahoma A and M college catalogs at once, so bear in mind that you will need to check each record you select to make sure it says OSU Stillwater. Once you are on the BOSS page, you can also limit your search (in the column to the right) to OSU Stillwater, and you can also limit the search other ways (by date, author, etc.). The language cloud to the left of your list of hits shows you other topics related to your search, or narrower topics, which you might want to select when continuing your search.

Under Find Books, if you link to Catalog (keyword/author/ title) you will be taken to the basic search screen of the Voyager Catalog database. This system will only search for OSU Stillwater materials. Your search will be keyword as a default, and you can also choose to search by title if you know the exact title you want. See the drop box for other search options.

To search either version of the catalog, use the list of concepts and synonyms created in Define your topic.

When you have located a book you can either print out the citation or write out the title, location, and entire call number. Remember some call numbers are very long, so be careful. To find the book, use a call slip, one of the little white slips of paper next to computer workstations or at the reference desk. This slip will tell you locations of call numbers in the main book stacks, and also tell you floors of special locations in the library, or of the three branch libraries.

Make sure to look to see if if your book is located in a special library location other than the main book stacks. Examples are:

Your book might also be at one of our three library branches:

Please note that many of these libraries and special locations have different hours than the main library. Check the web page under HOURS or ask at the reference desk to make sure they are open before you head for these locations.

Once you have your materials, take them to the nearest circulation desk and use your OSU ID, Courtesy Card, or OK-SHARE Card to check them out.

Accessibility Legend
Available to all free of charge
Resource available via the Internet to everyone free of charge.
Internet resource licensed by OSU
Resource available via the Internet to the Oklahoma State University community (faculty, staff, and students), Stillwater campus. These resources may be available to other users depending upon permissions from their home institution.
CD-ROM available in OSU libraries
Resource available via CD-ROM at public workstations in the Oklahoma State University Library. These resources may be available to other users depending upon resources at their home institution.
Print resources available at OSU
Resource available in print at the Oklahoma State University Library. All call numbers refer to this library. These resources may be available to users at other locations.

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Last Updated: 1 Sept 2009