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The words of the 1611 King James Bible ring out today in books, poems, popular songs, speeches, and sermons. But who translated it, and what made this particular translation so influential?
Manifold Greatness tells the little-known story of one of the most widely read and printed books in the history of the English language: the King James Bible—which marks its 400th anniversary in 2011.
Join us to explore the dangerous world of earlier English Bibles, which could bring a death sentence to a translator... the massive, multiyear project that produced the King James Bible... and its later roles on both sides of the Atlantic, from family record-keeping to presidential inaugurations, and from literature to public devotion.


The traveling exhibit is on display in the Edmon Low Library from Aug. 22nd - Sept. 19th


Series Events


Aug. 29, 3:30 pm Peggy V. Helmerich Browsing Room, Edmon Low Library

"King James Bible: Towards a Visual & Transatlantic History" by Dr. Cristina Cruz Gonzalez, Asst. Professor, Art History


Sept. 6, 6 pm Stillwater Public Library, 1107 S. Duck St.

Stillwater Speaks: "God & the Commons"


Sept. 12, 3:30 pm Peggy V. Helmerich Browsing Room, Edmon Low Library

"The King James Bible—Beloved Companion to Controversy" by Michael Thompson, Endowed Professor, Religious Studies


Sept. 19, 3:30 pm Peggy V. Helmerich Browsing Room, Edmon Low Library

"Poetry, Devotion, & the Politics of Bible Translation in Reformation England" by Andrew Wadoski, Asst. Professor, English


We welcome everyone to enjoy this exhibit. Please sign our guest book and complete an evaluation form. Guestbook and evaluation forms are located on the second floor of the Edmon Low Library, Oklahoma State University.

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