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Laura Belmonte, author of Selling the American Way: U.S. Propaganda and the Cold War

Laura Belmonte is Associate Professor of History at Oklahoma State University.

In 1955, the United States Information Agency published a lavishly illustrated booklet called My America. Assembled ostensibly to document "the basic elements of a free dynamic society," the booklet emphasized cultural diversity, political freedom, and social mobility and made no mention of McCarthyism or the Cold War. Though hyperbolic, My America was, as Laura A. Belmonte shows, merely one of hundreds of pamphlets from this era written and distributed in an organized attempt to forge a collective defense of the "American way of life."

Selling the American Way examines the context, content, and reception of U.S. propaganda during the early Cold War. Determined to protect democratic capitalism and undercut communism, U.S. information experts defined the national interest not only in geopolitical, economic, and military terms. Through radio shows, films, and publications, they also propagated a carefully constructed cultural narrative of freedom, progress, and abundance as a means of protecting national security. Not simply a one-way look at propaganda as it is produced, the book is a more subtle investigation of how U.S. propaganda was received abroad and at home and how criticism of it by Congress and successive presidential administrations contributed to its modification.

Selling the American Way documents the difficulties propagandists faced in reconciling their symbolic America with the complex strategic and political realities of the early Cold War.

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Terrance Bidwell, co-author of Field Guide to Oklahoma Plants: Commonly Encountered Prairie, Shrubland and Forest Species

Terry Bidwell has been at Oklahoma State University since 1982 and is Professor and State Extension Specialist in Rangeland Ecology and Management. His undergraduate degrees are in Forestry and Wildlife Ecology, M.S. in Wildlife Ecology, and Ph.D. in Rangeland Ecology with an emphasis in fire. Previous positions included District Conservationist and State Biologist with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in Colorado and Oklahoma, and several positions in state and federal law enforcement. Dr. Bidwell has taught courses in maintenance and restoration of prairies, shrublands, and forests. In addition to university courses, he has taught numerous courses for federal and state agencies on prescribed fire, wildland fuel reduction, habitat restoration, wildlife management, and grazing management. He also consults throughout the country on habitat maintenance/restoration and wildfires.

His outreach efforts include integrating the conservation and restoration of native plant communities, landscapes, and associated wildlife with ranching on private lands. His research experience includes the ecology of small mammals, moose, and spruce forests on the Keani Peninsula of Alaska; ecology of oak-pine forest – bobwhite quail, white-tailed deer, and cattle; ecology of sand shinnery grasslands – cattle and lesser prairie chicken; ecology of tallgrass prairie – greater prairie chicken, cattle, and prairie songbirds; and postoak-blackjack oak forests – bobwhite quail, white-tailed deer, and cattle.

He previously served 4 years as associate editor for the Journal of Rangeland Ecology and Management, and is currently a reviewer for 2 other journals.

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Author Moh'd Bilbeisi

Moh'd Bilbeisi, author of Graphic Journaling

Moh'd Bilbeisi is an award winning educator, illustrator, and architect. He lectures internationally and he is considered an authority in the fields of Graphic Communication and Journaling. Bilbeisi is also a professional illustrator. His illustrations are used by companies and individuals throughout the world.

This book is a compilation of more than twenty years of research in the field of graphic journaling and analysis. In addition to discussing the history,theory, and practice of graphic journaling, it previews and studies the work of more than 30 talented designers who spent a life-time maintaining journals and presents the conclusion as a theoretical and practical discourse for others to learn and understand.

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Co-author Hugh Crethar

Hugh Crethar, co-author of Inclusive Cultural Empathy: Making Relationships Central in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Hugh C. Crethar, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Counseling and Counseling Psychology in the School of Applied Health & Educational Psychology at Oklahoma State University. He has served in numerous positions within the American Counseling Association and was the 2007-2008 President of Counselors for Social Justice. His scholarly interests include the promotion multicultural- and advocacy competence in field of counseling, professional development of counselors, and counselors as academic leaders, change-agents, and advocates.

Inclusive Cultural Empathy shows readers how to reach beyond the comfort zone of an individualistic perspective and increase competence in a relationship-centered context. The authors weave their own layered multicultural experiences with procedural, theoretical, and practical lessons to bring readers a model for how they might infuse their own clinical work with inclusion and multicultural sensitivity.

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David D'Andrea, author of Civic Christianity in Renaissance Italy: The Hospital of Treviso, 1400-1530

David D'Andrea is an associate professor and director of graduate studies in the History department at Oklahoma State University. He has written numerous scholarly articles and reviews, focusing on his areas of research: religious and institutional change in early modern Europe, lay confraternities in Renaissance Italy, Venice in the 15th and 16th centuries, and the Mediterranean world.

He is currently writing another book, Mediating the Miraculous: Local Religion, the Virgin Mary and the Renaissance Venetian World. D'Andrea is in several professional scholarly organizations, including the Society for Italian Historical Studies and the Renaissance Society of America.

Civic Christianity surveys the activities of a powerful religious brotherhood and documents the interconnected local, regional, and international factors that fashioned the social world of Venetian subjects. Grounded in previously unexplored archival material, the book is an innovative study of the nexus between local religion and Venetian territorial power, providing scholars with this first scholarly monograph of the city that served as the keystone of Venice’s mainland empire. This original approach to the critical relationship between provincial powers and the central government also contributes to other important areas of historical inquiry, including the history of popular religion, poor relief, medicine, and education.

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Co-author Dursun Delen

Dursun Delen, co-author of Advanced Data Mining Techniques

Dr. Dursun Delen is an Associate Professor of Management Science and Information Systems in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University (OSU). He received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management from OSU in 1997. Prior to his appointment as an Assistant Professor at OSU in 2001, he worked for a private consultancy company, Knowledge Based Systems Inc., in College Station, Texas, as a research scientist for five years, during which he led a number of decision support and other information systems related research projects funded by federal agencies including DoD, NASA, NIST and DOE.

His research has appeared in major journals including Decision Support Systems, Communications of the ACM, Computers and Operations Research, Computers in Industry, Journal of Production Operations Management, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Expert Systems with Applications, among others. He served as the general co-chair for the 4th International Conference on Network Computing and Advanced Information Management (September 2-4, 2008 in Soul, South Korea), and he serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Information and Knowledge Management, International Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies, International Journal of Service Sciences and International Journal of RF Technologies: Research and Applications. His research and teaching interests are in decision support systems, data and text mining, knowledge management, business intelligence and enterprise modeling.

This book covers the fundamental concepts of data mining, to demonstrate the potential of gathering large sets of data, and analyzing these data sets to gain useful business understanding. The book is organized in three parts. Part I introduces concepts. Part II describes and demonstrates basic data mining algorithms. It also contains chapters on a number of different techniques often used in data mining. Part III focusses on business applications of data mining. Methods are presented with simple examples, applications are reviewed, and relativ advantages are evaluated.

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Co-author R. Dwayne Elmore

R. Dwayne Elmore, co-author of Field Guide to Oklahoma Plants: Commonly Encountered Prairie, Shrubland and Forest Species

Dwayne Elmore grew up in Tennessee where he attended the University of Tennessee to obtain his B.S. in Natural Resource Management. He then obtained a M.S. from Mississippi State University in Wildlife Ecology and a Ph.D. from Utah State University in Wildlife Biology.

He is currently the wildlife extension specialist in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management at Oklahoma State University. Specific areas of interest include wildlife habitat relationships, the role of disturbance to maintain sustainable ecosystems, and social constraints to conservation.

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Author Susana Perea-Fox

Susana Perea-Fox, author of Elena Garro y los rostros del poder

Susana Perea-Fox is an OSU professor who has given voice to an author who has been silent for more than three decades. Perea-Fox, an assistant professor in the department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, recently published her first book, Elena Garro y los rostros del poder (Elena Garro and the Faces of Power). “Elena Garro and the Faces of Power,” written entirely in Spanish, debuted in December 2007 at the International Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico.

“I was astounded when I saw the amount of people who came to the fair, which is considered the second most important book fair in the world,” Perea-Fox said. “I thought ‘wow, what a place’ and was very happy I was able to be there.” Perea-Fox’s book explores the work of Elena Garro whose controversial writings were first printed in the 1930s in Mexico. “In a time when women were urged to be silent, Elena Garro spoke out and challenged the role of women in society,” Perea-Fox said.

Perea-Fox hopes her book will be translated to English so American audiences can discover the power of Garro’s writings, which include more than 40 works in Spanish, French, Italian and English. Perea-Fox considers it her mission to ensure the voices of Garro and other female writers from Mexico are heard in the world of literature. “Garro has tons of novels, journalistic articles and essays that deserve critical attention,” she said.

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Fred S. Guthery, author of A Primer on Natural Resource Science

Fred S. Guthery is Professor and Bollenbach Chair of Wildife Ecology in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management. He holds degrees from Oregon State University and Texas A&M University. He is author of four books and more than 250 articles on wildlife ecology and management and the practice of natural resource science.

In wildlife, fisheries, forestry, and range management departments around the country, natural resource scientists and their students advance understanding of the natural world largely through the collection and analysis of data. These students learn how to acquire data in the field and analyze them using modeling and other statistical methods.What they do not learn, contends author Fred S. Guthery, is what science means as an intellectual pursuit and where natural resource science fits in the scientific tradition. He argues that without education about the nature and philosophy of science, the wildlife field has become enamored with its methodologies at the expense of gaining real knowledge, leading to what some have characterized as "a crisis in how wildlife science is pursued."

With "A Primer on Natural Resource Science", Guthery intends to put learning about the nature of science into the natural resource scientist's university curriculum.In the first part of the book, "Perspectives," Guthery describes the principles of the scientific endeavor, discussing the nature of reasoning, of facts, of creativity and critical thinking. In the second part, "Practice," he presents the "mechanics" of science, explaining the roles of experiment, observation, models, and statistics. He also demystifies the essential activity of publishing, telling students and researchers why they must do it and how to do it successfully.Throughout the book, Guthery uses his long experience and the body of his own research to relate the philosophical underpinnings of science to the realities of field biology. By providing real-life examples in the practice of natural resource science, Guthery offers practical, occasionally painful, and sometimes humorous lessons on the human urge to know about nature through science.

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Author Deb Jordan

Deb Jordan, author of Leadership in Leisure Studies: Making a Difference

Deb Jordan has been at OSU for the past 12 years. This text is the third edition; she is currently revising the third edition of her text, Programming in Leisure Services: A Servant Leadership Approach. Deb has also co-authored an introductory text in parks, recreation, and leisure services. For the past several years Deb has been engaged in research with the State Parks Division of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department. She loves the outdoors, travels, and enjoys reading.

Leadership in Leisure Services is a textbook for students in parks, recreation, and leisure services. It explores many aspects of leadership including diversity, human development, approaches to leadership, communication, group dynamics, planning, values and ethics, and risk management.

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Author Subhash Kak

Subhash Kak, author of The Prajna Sutras

Subhash Kak is professor and head of computer science at OSU. He is the author of 19 books -- 11 books of essays and 6 books of verse, four in English and two in Hindi -- some of which have been translated into German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Serbian and Telugu.

Written in an aphorisitic style together with a commentary, the book is a meditation on the nature of intuition. The Prajna Sutra presents a bridge between the cosmologies of Vedic knowledge and modern science. The ideas are presented as 18 sutras on the nature of reality, language, art, mind, transformation, and freedom on which explanatory commentaries are provided. The sutras tie together common symbols of the Vedic tradition and their deeper intuitions using contemporary vocabulary. The synthesis presented in the sutras is wide-ranging and it not only deals with abstract ideas but also with question of meaning, aesthetics, love, war, and suffering. Although some consider only linguistic problems to be worthy of study, linguistic expressions ultimately are about things and they cannot properly address the mystery of consciousness. The sutras consider issues that go to the core of philosophy, namely the nature of reality and the relationship of the experiencing subject to it. They speak of the complementary domains of rationality and paradox that underlie ordinary experience. They explain how the mystery of consciousness relates not only to the individual's cognitive capacity to know but also his ability to transform both himself and his environment.

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Kelly Kerr, photographer of Oklahoma Revisited.Out of the Way Faces & Places

Photographer Kelly Kerr was born and raised in Ada, Oklahoma. He graduated from OSU in 1989 with a degree in Management. Kerr worked for the Duncan Banner and the Fort Smith Southwest Times Record before arriving at the Tulsa World in 1995. Kerr resigned from the World in December 2007 and joined the faculty of OSU Institute of Technology as a photography instructor.

Kerr has been honored with the sweepstakes award for photography twice by the Associated Press and has been named Photographer of the Year by the Oklahoma Press Association. Two of his images were named among the 46 best images in state history by Oklahoma Today magazine. Kerr's work has been published in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Sports Illustrated.

IOklahoma Revisited...Out of the Way Faces & Places is a 300-page photography book documenting the people and places that make Oklahoma unique. Work began on the book in August 2006 and completed in October of 2007. Kerr drove 51,000 miles and shot 38,136 photographs to produce the book. The book was published by the Tulsa World in December of 2007.

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Jayson Lusk, co-author of Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis and author of Experimental Auctions: Methods and Applications in Marketing and Economic Research

Jayson Lusk is Professor and Willard Sparks Endowed Chair in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University. He has previously served on the faculties of Purdue University and Mississippi State University.

Dr. Lusk earned a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Kansas State University in 2000 and a B.S. in Food Technology from Texas Tech University in 1997, where he was named Outstanding Student in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Lusk conducts research related to consumer behavior and decision making, food and livestock marketing and policy, and non-market valuation.

Since 2001, Lusk has published more than 75 articles in peer reviewed journals, has won several published research awards including Outstanding Journal Article, Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, has received in excess of $2.7 million in external grants to support his research, and has been invited to present his research at over 20 Universities in the U.S. and abroad. Lusk's scientific works have been cited more than 300 times since 2001 according to the Social Science Citation Index and he was listed as one of the top 10 most productive researchers in agricultural economics graduating from 1987 to 2000 in a recent issue of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics. Lusk currently serves as associate editor for five journals including the American Journal of Agricultural Economics and the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.

Lusk is past chair of the American Agricultural Economics Association's Food and Agricultural Marketing Policy Section and services on the executive board of the Western Agricultural Economics Association and the Southern Agricultural Economics Association. Lusk teaches two graduate level courses related to research methods. Lusk recently authored a book on experimental auctions published by Cambridge University Press, which has received acclaim from a recent Nobel Prize winner in Economics. Lusk is also a co-author of an undergraduate textbook on agricultural marketing and price analysis published by Prentice-Hall.

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Author Jason Maloy

Jason Maloy, author of The Colonial American Origins of Modern Democratic Thought

J. S. Maloy is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Oklahoma State University, where he teaches courses in political theory and American constitutional law and writes on a wide range of topics in the history of political thought. He was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and educated at Brown University (philosophy), the University of Cambridge (history), and Harvard University (political science).

The Colonial American Origins of Modern Democratic Thought is the first examination in almost 40 years of political ideas in the seventeenth-century American colonies. It reaches some surprising conclusions about the history of democratic theory more generally. The origins of a distinctively modern kind of thinking about democracy can be located, not in revolutionary America and France in the later eighteenth century, but in the tiny New England colonies in the middle seventeenth.

The key feature of this democratic rebirth was honoring not only the principle of popular sovereignty through regular elections but also the principle of accountability through non-electoral procedures for the auditing and impeachment of elected officers. By staking its institutional identity entirely on elections, modern democratic thought has misplaced the sense of robust popular control that originally animated it.

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Author and Editor Robert Mayer

Robert Mayer, author and editor of Historical Boundaries, Narrative Forms: Essays on British Literature in the Long Eighteenth Century in Honor of Everett Zimmerman

Robert Mayer is Professor of English and Director of the Screen Studies Program at Oklahoma State University. He is the author of History and the Early English Novel: Matters of Fact from Bacon to Defoe (Cambridge 1997) and the editor of Eighteenth-Century Fiction on Screen (Cambridge 2002). He has published essays on early modern historiography, the theory of the novel, and film adaptations of Robinson Crusoe, is a founding member of the Defoe Society, and is working on a study of Sir Walter Scott in the literary marketplace.

Historical Boundaries, Narrative Forms, a collection of twelve essays by colleagues, students, and friends of Everett Zimmerman, treats four topics that Zimmerman explored during his career: the representation of the self in narratives, the early British novel and related forms, their epistemological and generic borders, and their intellectual and cultural contexts. The collection is divided into two sections: "Boundaries" and "Forms." The essays in "Boundaries" explore how epistemological and narrative distinctions between history and fiction meet or overlap in the novel's relationship to other forms, including providential history, travel narratives, uptopias, autobiography, and visual art. In "Forms," the contributors investigate fictional, historical, and material forms; the impact those cultural phenomena had on the meaning and value attributed to literary works; and how such forms arose in response to historical conditions. The essays describe the historical range of Zimmerman's work, beginning with Defoe and ending with Coetzee, and treat such key writers of the long eighteenth century as Fielding, Richardson, Walpole, Austen, and Scott.

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Larry Mullins, co-author of Adolescents with Cancer: The Influence of Close Relationships on Quality of Life, Distress and Health Behaviors

Larry L. Mullins, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at OSU. His area of research specialization is the understanding psychosocial aspects of pediatric chronic illness. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

A diagnosis of cancer in adolescence occurs at a critical time of social and interpersonal development. Adolescents are encountering rapid physical growth, hormonal changes, and a shift from dependence on parents with associated reliance upon close peer and dating relationships. These close relationships often involve increased levels of intimacy and sexuality, and it is in the context of these relationships that adolescents are developing important competencies for later relationships in their adult years. A diagnosis of cancer in adolescence is likely to impact close relationships, although research in this area is scarce. We know little about how close relationships may impact critical aspects of adolescents' lives, such as quality of life, psychological distress, and health behaviors. The current study was designed to address these gaps in the literature by providing an examination of how dimensions of close peer and dating relationships correspond with ratings of quality of life, psychological distress, and health-related behaviors among a sample of adolescents currently on treatment for cancer.

In this first critical study of close peer and dating relationships among adolescents on active treatment for cancer, Drs. Carpentier and Mullins examine specific, discrete dimensions of close relationships (i.e., social support, negative interactions, dating anxiety, fear of intimacy) that are thought to relate to quality of life, psychological distress, and health-related behaviors (i.e., tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use; sexual risk-taking; nutrition/physical activity; overweight and dietary behaviors; sun safety). Results of this study provide an understanding of the importance of close relationships to adolescents' adaptation to cancer and highlight the need for continued examination of discrete aspects of close relationships among this presumably vulnerable population. Adolescents with Cancer is an important book for collections in adolescent studies, pediatric cancer, and psychology.

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Debra L. Nelson, editor of Positive Organizational Behavior, co-author of Organizational Behavior: Science, the Real World and You and co-author of ORGB

Dr. Debra L. Nelson is The CBA Associates Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Management at Oklahoma State University. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Arlington, where she was the recipient of the R. D. Irwin Dissertation Fellowship Award.

Dr. Nelson is the author of over 70 journal articles focusing on organizational stress management, gender differences at work, and positive organizational behavior. Dr. Nelson's research has been published in Academy of Management Executive, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, MIS Quarterly, Organizational Dynamics, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and other journals.

In addition, she is coauthor/coeditor of several books, including Positive Organizational Behavior (Sage, 2007); Understanding Organizational Behavior (South-Western, 2008); Gender, Work Stress, and Health (APA, 2002); Advancing Women in Management (Blackwell, 2002); and Preventive Stress Management in Organizations (APA, 1997).

Dr. Nelson also has served as a consultant to several organizations, including AT&T, American Fidelity Assurance, Sonic, State Farm Insurance Companies, and Southwestern Bell. She has presented leadership and preventive stress management seminars in a host of organizations, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Conoco, and Oklahoma Gas and Electric. Dr. Nelson also serves on the editorial review boards of the Journal of Organizational Behavior, Leadership, and the Journal of Leadership and Organization Studies.

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Bailey Norwood, co-author of Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis

Norwood was raised in the the swamps of South Carolina's low country. His interest in agriculture began in his youth when Bailey began raising horses, breaking horses, and roping steers. Bailey also competed in bareback riding events at local rodeos. To learn more about livestock and agriculture, Norwood worked on a number of cattle, swine, and crop farms.

While attending Clemson University, Norwood fell in love with economics, marveling at its ability to improve society through simple logic and statistical analysis. Consequently, he received a B.S. in agricultural economics from Clemson and a M.S. in the same field from Kansas State University. At North Carolina State University, Norwood received his Ph.D. in economics, focusing on pesticide productivity and swine waste management.

Since 2003 he has taught and researched in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University. Teaching is his first love, as is evident by his numerous teaching awards and his undergraduate textbook. While Dr. Norwood has a variety of research interests, he has developed a specialty in the area of consumer marketing research. Along with his friend Jayson Lusk, Norwood has pioneered a number of research tools which improve researchers' ability to understand consumer preferences.

In recent years Dr. Lusk and Norwood have applied their innovations in the area of farm animal welfare. A controversial and emotional topic, he seeks to help agricultural industries and policy makers understand how consumers prefer farm animals to be treated and the costs of improving the well-being of farm animals.

As refreshing as its tone is the innovative approach Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis takes to economic theory and agricultural marketing strategies. This text offers versatility by covering a wide range of topics that include both traditional economic theory and organizational economics. Novice readers will gravitate to the inviting writing style and colorful examples, while instructors will appreciate the sound coverage and delicate balance between economic theory, institutional detail and use of mathematics. All in a single source, readers will find contemporary treatment of economics and price analysis, agricultural prices and markets, agribusiness marketing strategies and more.

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Co-author David Peters

David Peters, co-author of Tabor College: A Century of Transformation 1908-2008

David was born in Manhattan, Kan., raised in Ames, Iowa and moved to Stillwater in 1971. He graduated from OSU and served as a Peace Corps/agricultural extension agent from 1978 to 1980 in Sierra Leone, West Africa. David has worked at the Edmon Low Library since January 1986, serving first in the General Reference Department, later in Special Collections, then as supervisor of the Map Room. He returned to the Special Collections and University Archives department as coordinator of Special Collections in December 2000 and was honored that year as the Outstanding Library Employee.

David co-authored The Campus book in the OSU Centennial Histories Series in 1990. He writes a regular column for STATE Magazine under the title "Proud and Immortal." David served two terms on the OSU Staff Advisory Council and three terms on the university's Health and Fringe Benefits committee. He received the OSU/SAC Distinguished Service Award in 1999, and is also a two-time recipient of the Greenberg/Howland Personnel Development Award. He completed certification requirements at OSU in Geographic Information Systems in May 2004. David has been married for 26 years and has a daughter in the 9th Grade.

The book tells the story of Tabor College from its founding until the present. It's the story of God at work in the lives of so many people, from the first few with a vision for a Bible college in Hillsboro, to those who endured the closing of the college during the Great Depression, to the growth and energy of the current generation of faculty, staff and students, many of whom are here as second- or third-generation Bluejays.

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Brenda Phillips, editor of Women and Disasters: From Theory to Practice

Brenda D. Phillips, Ph.D. is a Senior Researcher with the Center for the Study of Disasters and Extreme Events and is a Full Professor in the Fire and Emergency Management Program, Department of Political Science, at Oklahoma State University where she teaches courses in emergency management, social vulnerability and community relations.

Her work on vulnerable populations has been funded multiple times by the National Science Foundation, U.S. Geological Survey and others. Dr. Phillips has given invited presentations to the U.S. National Weather Service, the U.S. National Academies of Science, the New Zealand Ministries of Civil Defence and of Health, and the Australian Emergency Management Institute among others. Her work has been published in numerous scholarly journals, refereed proceedings and books and has been posted on the FEMA Higher Education web site. She is the author of Disaster Recovery (to be published in May 2009), the lead editor of Social Vulnerability to Disaster (August 2009) and co-editor of Women and Disasters (2008).

Women and Disasters presents a collection of perspectives by top experts in the field of disasters and gender. Chapters range from the application of feminist theories to disaster issues including housing, gender and age discrimination, mental health, domestic violence and grass roots participation. Authors include both academics and practitioners collaborating to reduce the differential impacts of disasters on women and children.

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Co-author Daqing Piao

Daqing Piao, co-author of Translational Multimodal Optical Imaging

Daqing Piao is Assistant Professor of Bioengineering in School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oklahoma State University. He received a B.S. degree with honors in 1990 from Tsinghua University in Beijing. After nine years of employment in the medical engineering industry, he pursued graduate study. He received an M.S. degree in 2001 and Ph.D. in 2003, all from University of Connecticut, with the award of Best Ph.D. Thesis of UCONN Engineering College.

After 2 years of post-doctoral training in UCONN and Dartmouth College, he joined Oklahoma State University in 2005 as the first Bioengineering faculty member recruited by OSU College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT) under the college-wide multidisciplinary bioengineering initiative on its Stillwater and Tulsa campuses.

He has been awarded a Pre-Doctoral Fellowship from DOD Breast Cancer Research Program, and is a recipient of 2006 New Investigator Award from DOD Prostate Cancer Research Program. He currently holds 27 journal publications, more than 50 conference proceeding papers & presentations, and 3 US provisional patent applications.

This first-of-its-kind resource on multimodal optical imaging provides a rigorous treatment of the various techniques together with the latest clinical advances in cancer detection and other important applications. Engineers and researchers find full details on the principles, instrumentation, and methods of in vivo microscopy, optical coherence tomography, Endoscopy, and diffuse optical techniques.

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James Price, composer and performer of Beacon

James Price has been writing and performing music since 1998. Growing up in Houston, Price played guitar and sang with several bands and finally found his calling as a singer/songwriter. In 2004, he moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma to pursue a degree in journalism at Oklahoma State University while remaining focused on music. For the next three years, he played his folk oriented music at coffee shops in Stillwater, Tulsa and Oklahoma City. In 2007, he formed what would become the James Price Band and performed his original song, "Lay Low," at Oklahoma State's Cowboy Showcase. The band received second place, and soon after, received first place at the SGA Battle of the Bands. Alone, Price leaned more toward acoustic music, but once he added other musicians, the band's style evolved into piano-driven alternative rock. The James Price Band spent the next year and a half playing throughout Oklahoma, Texas and other surrounding areas. Since then, the band has relocated to Houston and has released a six-song E.P. with Magnolia Coast Records. The James Price Band is optimistically focused on growing a regional base and plans to release more creative yet relevant records in the near future.

The James Price Band's first record, Beacon, has been almost two years in the making. In 2007, the band moved from Stillwater to Houston to record and produce a full-length album themselves. By the end of the summer, the record was not finished and frustration had set in. Price was then approached by Magnolia Coast Records to go into a professional studio to record an E.P. Once the legal aspects were settled, the band started recording in March 2008 at Upstairs Productions in Oklahoma City. Beacon was finished in November and published on December 31. The record has six songs ranging from light-hearted, piano-driven pop rock to deep, melodic ballads. Some of the influences that are apparent throughout the record are Coldplay, Elton John and Damien Rice.

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Art 365 display

Eric Reitan, author of Is God a Delusion?: A Reply to Religion's Cultured Despisers

Eric Reitan, an Associate Professor in the Philosophy Department at OSU, specializes in ethics (especially nonviolence theory) and the philosophy of religion. He is the author of dozens of professional articles as well as his recent book, Is God a Delusion?: A Reply to Religion's Cultured Despisers. His short fiction has garnered several awards, including the 2008 Creme de la Creme Award of the Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc.

Responding to such recent atheist bestsellers as Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion and Christopher Hitchens' God Is Not Great, Eric Reitan argues that, while often neither, religion can be both intellectually respectable and morally benign.

In a study that introduces readers to core themes in the philosophy of religion, Reitan defends a species of progressive religion whose essence is found, not in blind allegiance to inflexible doctrines or "infallible" holy books, but in a distinctive type of consciousness--one which gives those who experience it a reason to hope that reality is fundamentally on the side of goodness.

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Art 365 display

Liz Roth, artist for Art 365

Liz Roth is an artist who depicts social concerns in a humorous way – whether it’s about coworkers functioning as a reluctant substitute family in the United States (Cheeseburger Soup, a series about Madison Department of Transportation workers), or how Americans perceive the relationship between beauty and weight (she completed a nude self-portrait–a-day project for six months, see www.lizroth.com).

Roth has been awarded numerous prestigious painting grants including the Wisconsin Arts Board Individual Artist Fellowship, the national Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation grant for painting and Oklahoma Visual Artist’s Coalition Grant Art 365 (in 2008). She has also been awarded numerous artist residencies: the Wrangell Mountain Center (in Alaska), Jentel Artist Foundation (in Wyoming), the Awagami Paper Factory (in Japan), the Kamiyama (Japan) Artists in Residence program, and the Vermont Studio Center.

The Art 365 grant resulted in Roth’s inclusion as one of six artists in a feature length documentary, also titled Art 365. Her installation, America 101, is currently being nationally exhibited. Roth’s works have been acquired by many national and international collections, including the Walker Museum of Art, the Museu del Joguet in Spain, the Museum of Awa Japanese Paper, the KAIR Contemporary Art Collection and Yale University.

Art 365 is a catalog of a traveling exhibition sponsored by the Oklahoma Visual Artists Coalition, and exhibited in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Houston, Texas. DiverseWorks curator Diane Barber selected six artists from the hundreds who applied to receive a ten thousand dollar grant, the exhibition, and the opportunity to work with her over the course of the year (2008). OSU’s Assistant Professor of Painting, Liz Roth, was one of the selected artists. Images from her ambitious installation, America 101, are included in this catalog. America 101 is a contemporary critique of Americans’ uneasy relationship with nature. The installation demonstrates our attempts to ignore what is large while we focus attention on small impermanent disposables.

America 101 consists of 100 very small oil paintings of natural beauty in the United States, as represented by landscape paintings from all 50 states. These landscapes are painted on commissioned wooden boxes to resemble mass-produced commodities. These small paintings are contrasted by a billboard-sized image of a common disposable commodity – the single-use, disposable water bottle. To execute this project, Roth visited all 50 states to paint and photograph the landscape. The catalog depicts the results of her visual investigations.

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James Scott, co-author of The Politics of United States Foreign Policy

James M. Scott is Professor and Head of the Department of Political at Oklahoma State University. He is the author, co-author, or editor of 5 books, 45 articles, book chapters, and review essays, and more than 60 papers. Dr. Scott has been awarded over two dozen teaching and research awards from students, faculty, and academic organizations, including his university's highest awards for research and for research mentoring in 2000, 2001, and 2002. He has also served as the President and Conference Organizer for the International Studies Association-Midwest (2000-2001) and the Foreign Policy Analysis Section of the International Studies Association (2001-2002).

The definitive work on how U.S. foreign policy is made, The Politics of United States Foreign Policy utilizes three levels of analysis demonstrating how government, society, and the historical-global environment impact the real world of politics and the policymaking process. Completely revised, updated, and condensed to integrate coverage of the George W. Bush Administration years, September 11th, the war on terror, and the Iraq War, this new edition blends substance, history, and theory in a lively narrative that is comprehensive, accessible, and informative. Chapters focus on significant topics such as the military, the intelligence community, foreign economic policymaking, civil liberties vs. national security, and the impact of electoral politics (such as the controversial 2000 presidential elections) on foreign policy. The Politics of United States Foreign Policy has been used throughout Europe and Asia as well as in such prestigious U.S. programs as the National War College, the Foreign Service Institute, and the U.S. Fulbright American Studies Institute on U.S. Foreign Policy.

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Art 365 display

Ramesh Sharda, co-author of Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems, co-author of Business Intelligence: A Managerial Approach and editor of Decision Support for Global Enterprises

Ramesh Sharda is a Regents Professor of Management Science and Information Systems at Oklahoma State University. He is the ConocoPhillips Chair of Management Technology. Sharda is also the Director of the Institute for Research in Information Systems.

Decision Support for Global Enterprises is a volume of a mixture of peer-reviewed and invited papers. The volume will have two primary goals: (1) Stimulate creative and thoughtful discussion between academic research leaders and the practitioner information systems community that will improve both the research and practice in the area. (2) Increase the awareness of the problems and challenges faced by global enterprises that can be met with innovative computerized decision support systems. In addition to the positive aspects, the limitations of these systems and technologies are also explored. Emphasized in the book will be research on the following topics: (1) the emerging enterprise decision making processes and technologies; (2) decision making in uncertain, rapidly changing conditions; (3) the changing infrastructure in organizations and society; (4) the expanding role of web technologies; and (5) emerging theories and practices for managing knowledge and in making decisions.

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Author Ravi Sheorey

Ravi Sheorey, author of Studies in Applied and Theoretical Linguistics and Studies in First and Second Language Learners

Ravi Sheorey is Professor of English at Oklahoma State University, where he teaches courses in applied linguistics and teaching English as a second language. Professor Sheorey's research has focused on the learning and teaching of English in non-native contexts, and his papers have appeared in a variety of international journals, including Canadian Modern Language Review, ELT Journal, Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics, Journal of Research in Reading, TESOL Matters, TESOL Quarterly, and System.

Among his books include Learning and Teaching English in India (Sage Publications, 2006); [co-edited] Studies in Applied and Theoretical Linguistics (University of Debrecen Press, 2007); and [co-authored] Reading Strategies of First and Second Language Learners (Christopher-Gordon Publishers, 2008).

In the spring semester 2004, he was awarded a Fulbright Professorship and taught courses in TEFL and Applied Linguistics and conducted research at the University of Veszprem in Hungary. He is the recipient of OKTESOL's "2005 ESL Professional of the Year" award and the "Oklahoma State Regents Distinguished Teaching Award, 2007".

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Lindsey Claire Smith, author of Indians, Environment and Identity on the Borders of American Literature

Lindsey Claire Smith is Assistant Professor of English at Oklahoma State University. She teaches classes on Native American literature, African American literature, and literature and the environment. Her current project, "The City in American Indian Literatures," uncovers the role of colonization in theoretical approaches to urban space and highlights myriad ways in which urban Indian writers locate and assert sovereign indigenous identities in unexpected ways.

Indians, Environment, and Identity on the Borders of American Literature foregrounds amalgamation among American Indians, African Americans, and Euramericans as a central feature of American literature. The authors discussed, including James Fenimore Cooper, William Faulkner, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, and Leslie Marmon Silko, place this cross-cultural contact in nature, not only collapsing cultural and racial boundaries, but also complicating divisions between “wilderness” and “civilization.”

Responding to contemporary theoretical approaches to race, culture, and nationhood, this book points toward the multiple perspectives and cultures that distinguish American literature. Smith highlights the role of geography in these critical discourses, forging a connection between ecological theory and ethnic studies.

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Author Rebecca te Velde

Rebecca te Velde, author of Hymn Miniatures - 28 Practical Settings for the Church's Year

In addition to her position as organist of First Presbyterian Church, Stillwater (since 1991), Ms. te Velde has taught Introduction to Music at OSU since 1999. She is an active recitalist and clinician for workshops pertaining to service playing, performance, and composition. te Velde's undergraduate organ, composition, and church music studies were with her father, Lester H. Groom, at Seattle Pacific University. She earned the M.Mus. degree in organ literature and performance from the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, studying organ with Hugh McLean and composition with Jack Behrens. Post-graduate organ studies followed with Flor Peeters in Belgium, Michael Schneider at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Cologne, Germany, and Dr. Gerald Frank at OSU. While studying on a DAAD grant in Germany, she examined the manuscript of J.S. Bach's Eighteen Chorales for her master's thesis on ornamentation in those works.

Rebecca has performed in many states as well as in Germany, Switzerland, England and Canada, and has published articles with The Musical Times and The American Organist. Her organ and choral compositions are published by Oxford University Press, Darcey Press, and Santa Barbara Music Publishing. She is Co-Director for the national American Guild of Organists (AGO) Committee on Educational Resources, and is secretary of the Cimarron AGO Chapter. She and husband, John (professor of German at OSU) have two children.

This is a collection of very short settings of well-known hymn tunes. The book's purpose is two-fold: music for worship services with many possible applications, and pedagogical material for organ teachers to use with students at various levels of technical development. Further, the large variety of styles among the 28 pieces allow and encourage exploration of and experimentation with the varied tonal colors available in any given instrument.

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Ronald Tyrl, co-author of Field Guide to Oklahoma Plants: Commonly Encountered Prairie, Shrubland and Forest Species

Ronald Tyrl is a Professor of Botany at Oklahoma State University. His research includes work on the classification of vascular plants, especially the Poaceae and studies of the flora of Oklahoma. Tyrl is the curator of the OSU Herbarium, which began in 1920.

Field Guide to Oklahoma Plants: Commonly Encountered Prairie, Shrubland and Forest Species is a collaboration which includes information on a variety of native Oklahoma plants. Terrence Bidwell, a Professor and Extension Rangeland Specialist in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology Management at OSU, Ronald Masters, the Director of Research at Tall Timbers Research Station in Tallahassee, Florida; and Dwayne Elmore, an Assistant Professor and Extension Wildlife Specialist in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management co-authored the book with Tyrl. The book was illustrated by noted botanical illustrator Bellamy Parks Jansen.

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David Ullrich, author of Complex Made Simple

David Ullrich is a Professor of Mathematics at Oklahoma State University.

Perhaps uniquely among mathematical topics, complex analysis presents the student with the opportunity to learn a thoroughly developed subject that is rich in both theory and applications. Even in an introductory course, the theorems and techniques can have elegant formulations. But for any of these profound results, the student is often left asking: What does it really mean? Where does it come from? In Complex Made Simple, David Ullrich shows the student how to think like an analyst. In many cases, results are discovered or derived, with an explanation of how the students might have found the theorem on their own. Ullrich explains why a proof works. He will also, sometimes, explain why a tempting idea does not work. Complex Made Simple looks at the Dirichlet problem for harmonic functions twice: once using the Poisson integral for the unit disk and again in an informal section on Brownian motion, where the reader can understand intuitively how the Dirichlet problem works for general domains. Ullrich also takes considerable care to discuss the modular group, modular function, and covering maps, which become important ingredients in his modern treatment of the often-overlooked original proof of the Big Picard Theorem. This book is suitable for a first-year course in complex analysis.

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Stephan M. Wilson, co-editor of Families in a Global Context

Stephan M. Wilson is Dean of the College of Human Environmental Sciences and Professor of Human Development and Family Science at Oklahoma State University. His most recent position was Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Health and Human Sciences and a Professor of Human Development and Family Sciences at the University of Nevada, Reno.

His PhD and MS are from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He was previously a Professor of Family Studies at the University of Kentucky and a Fulbright Visiting Professor at Kenyatta University. Dr. Wilson also lived in Kenya for three years (1976-1978 and 2000-2001) and has done work in China. He has more than ninety publications, including a recently co-edited volume with Gary W. Peterson and Suzanne K. Steinmetz on Parent-Youth Relations: Cultural and Cross Cultural Perspectives (2005). He has served on the editorial board for Family Relations and for Marriage and Family Review and serves as an occasional reviewer for other journals particularly related to family, culture, and adolescent scholarship. In particular, his scholarship has focused on Chinese, Appalachian, and Kenyan families. He is a certified family life educator. He is a Fellow of the National Council on Family Relations and winner of the Jan Trost award for lifetime contributions to cross-cultural family scholarship.

How are families the same or different around the world? Families in a Global Context puts the similarities and differences into perspective, presenting an in-depth comparative analysis of family life in 17 countries around the world. Contributors discuss different countries' family life by using a standard framework to review major influences and patterns. The framework allows readers to do comparative refection across several countries on a variety of daily living elements, including social and economic forces, such as urbanization and modernization, changes in gender/courtship/spousal patterns, and war. This book provides an informative illustration of current as well as future trends of family life worldwide.

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Author David Yellin

David Yellin, co-author of Integrating the Language Arts

Co-author David Yellin has taught Literacy Education in the College of Education at OSU for the past 30 years. His research interests include whole language, writing development, children's literature and oral language development. Yellin has been honored with the Outstanding Faculty Award for the College of Education, as well as being a Student Athlete Mentor for the OSU Athletic Department.

Integrating the Language Arts, 4th edition is a college textbook intended for Elementary Education majors, both undergraduate and graduate. It covers all of the major areas in the English Language Arts and is used nation wide. This user-friendly book presents a comprehensive view of teaching the language arts. It offers a balanced approach between direct instruction in the communication arts and integrating the language arts with other content areas such as music, art, drama, mathematics, social studies, and science. It explores the important topics of community and caregiver involvement in education and offers thoughtful coverage of diversity in the schools.

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