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September 23, 2013

For Immediate Release

What is the timeline for construction?

We broke ground in fall 2013. Under ideal circumstances, construction will take approximately 18 months.

Who decides what goes to the new facility?

We will begin by using the Annex criteria, which was set in our 2004 discussions with faculty and other campus constituents:

  • Material Available Online
  • Fragile Material, Special Collections & Archives Materials and Documents Non Peer-Reviewed Material older than 25 years

Lists of items slated for relocation to the LAB will be published for feedback prior to relocation, and subject specialist librarians will work closely with their departments to ensure the most highly-demanded print material remains in the Edmon Low Library.

How will LAB material be accessed?

Items housed in the LAB will be requested using the established procedures for Annex requests.

  • Articles and Book Pages: requested articles or selected pages from a book will be posted to the web for electronic access by the requester, unless otherwise requested.
  • Books: requested entire books or large number of pages will be delivered to the Circulation Desk for pick up.
  • Fragile and/or non-circulating materials: requested material that has been designated as fragile and/or non-circulating will be made available for consultation in the Special Collections & University Archives department in the Edmon Low Library.

Requests for Annex & LAB materials may be made electronically by completing the appropriate form on our website.

Can I browse at the remote facilities?

Annex shelving

The existing Annex is not an ideal facility for browsing due to the height and density of the shelving. However, if you or your class are working on a special project and need browsing access to materials held at the Annex, this may be arranged by appointment.




High density shelving

Unfortunately, it will be impossible to browse the materials held in the upcoming LAB. Shelving in the LAB will be more than 30 feet in height and material will be arranged by size to maximize shelving efficiency. Requested materials are retrieved using a cherry-picker like machine. However, just like the current Annex, delivery of LAB materials can be requested including large runs of materials if necessary.

Why do you need another remote facility when you have the Annex?

The new Library Auxiliary Building allows us to address our continued need for additional space and our need to plan strategically for our future space needs. The Edmon Low Library is designed for a capacity of 1.1 million volumes and 2,400 public seats. We currently hold more than 3 million volumes. The usable portion of the Annex holds approximately 250,000 volumes. It was a much needed solution when it came online in 2004. Our current Annex took significant pressure off our space demands, but it did not solve our space issues.


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