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Video Segments

Remembering Henry Bellmon - Overview

This short video features several narrators from the Remember Henry Bellmon interview series focusing on his impact and legacy.

Don Ferrell

In this oral history interview excerpt Don Ferrell, longtime newspaperman turned Henry Bellmon staffer, looks back on how his initial job as press secretary came about along with other highlights from Bellmon's first term in office.

Robert Henry

Robert Henry was just nine years old when Henry Bellmon was elected governor in 1962, but his memories of the campaign and the Bellmon Belle's are still with him today, as he highlights in this oral history interview excerpt.

Lee Paden

Before Lee Paden became a U.S. Senate staffer for Henry Bellmon, he started out as a guard at the governor's mansion while finishing law school. In this oral history interview excerpt, Paden looks back on that experience.