Oklahoma State University

Participants - By Farm

The following Oklahoma Centennial Farms have recorded interviews as part of this project (updated as of 6/10/2014). To view processed interviews, click here. Check back often as new interviews are added online.

Centennial Farm/Ranch Name County Interview Date
Ray Brothers Brangus Ranch Atoka 5/7/2011
Felder Homestead Blaine 3/29/2013
Allison Farm Comanche 2/17/2012
Lowry Family Farm Comanche 2/17/2012
Renschen Farms Comanche 3/9/2012
Watkins Farm Comanche 3/9/2012
Franklin Farm Craig 11/15/2011
Franklin Farm Craig 11/15/2011
Foster Farm Creek 6/5/2009
Bar Tee Jay Ranch Delaware 4/25/2011
Thompson Holcombe Farm Delaware 5/3/2011
A. Thomas Hill Farm Kingifsher 5/7/2012
Bilger Bamberg Branscum Farm Kingifsher 9/24/2011
Centennial Farm 1897 Kingifsher 5/3/2013
Claude Curry Farm Kingifsher 3/22/2012
Crist-Pope Farm Kingifsher 9/12/2012
Foster Farm Kingifsher 4/30/2012
Gilmour Farm Kingifsher 9/14/2012
Kremke-Gerber Farm Kingifsher 3/21/2013
McKemy-Brandes Farms Kingifsher 11/12/2012
Pope Farm Kingifsher 9/12/2012
W.A. Cross Farm Kingifsher 9/14/2012
William H. Fox Farm Kingifsher 9/6/2012
Beasler Farm  Lincoln 3/12/2010
Blakley Farms Lincoln 4/24/2009
Deffenbaugh Homestead Ranch  Lincoln 2/3/2010
Duggan Homestead  Lincoln 4/20/2009
Israel Royer Homestead Lincoln 5/11/2009
Jim & Ann Kinder Farm Lincoln 3/10/2010
Pickett Farms Lincoln 4/30/2009
Abraham H. & Melissa Acton Homestead Logan 5/17/2009
Ahrnsbrak Farm Logan 8/25/2009
Alfred & Joella Murry Homestead Logan 9/30/2010
Dreessen-Smith Farm Logan 6/17/2009
E.E. Birch Farm Logan 5/26/2009
Gooch Farm Logan 9/30/2010
Isaac S. Favor Farm Logan 5/27/2009
Scrutchfield Farm Logan 5/18/2009
Thomas B. Beard Farm Logan 11/23/2010
John T. Cavalier Ranch Mayes 4/22/2011
South-Hall Ranch Mayes 7/23/2011
Stockton Farm Mayes 3/31/2011
Bellmon Farm Noble 4/11/2011
Broken Bar L Ranch Noble 3/5/2011
David H. and Emma V. Rence Homestead Noble 4/19/2011
Gorath Farm Noble 3/8/2011
Speer Farm Noble 4/4/2011
Waggoner Homestead Noble 3/23/2011
Ellis Family Farm Oklahoma 9/22/2011
Nordstrom Farm Oklahoma 3/29/2010
Daniel Kramer Homestead Pawnee 11/10/2010
Nimerick Farms Pawnee 10/7/2010
Wingo Farm Pawnee 6/15/2009
Brixey Homestead  Payne 8/29/2008
Cabin Creek Farm Payne 8/13/2008
Hill Haven Farm  Payne 2/21/2010