Oklahoma State University


Jacqulyn Longacre
1993 Inductee

Jacqulyn Longacre was born in Robeline, Louisiana and grew up around Wewoka, Oklahoma. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma A&M College (now Oklahoma State University) in accounting and economics in 1954 and a master’s in social work in 1959 from the University of Oklahoma.

She became a caseworker for the Seminole County Department of Welfare in 1955 after being turned down by an oil company for an accounting position in Venezuela because she was a single woman. She began work with the Department of Human Services in Tulsa County in 1957. While in graduate school and after she worked at Griffin Memorial Hospital in Norman in the Social Work Department. In 1961, she moved to Tulsa and began work in the Child Welfare Division of the Department of Human Services and soon took over the Child Protective Unit in Tulsa County. She then was Social Work Supervisor and in the Hospital Improvement Project at Eastern State Hospital in Vinita. In 1967 she moved back to Tulsa and was in charge of the after-care program of the Department of Mental Health in Tulsa County.

In 1969 she took the position of Director of Planned Parenthood in Tulsa where she served for eighteen years. While serving as director, Tulsa’s Planned Parenthood grew from serving 1,600 patients to serving over 10,000 patients in a single year. Their organization covered all of Eastern Oklahoma and moved into western Arkansas. Tulsa’s Planned Parenthood was awarded the Fairchild Award, the highest award available for being a quality service affiliate while she was there. They were involved in a Model Cities Grant, helped the Margaret Hudson Program become an independent organization, and raised one million dollars for a new building, which was paid off in one year.

After a brief stint at Planned Parenthood in Dallas, Texas, she returned to Oklahoma to direct the Area Health Education Center, now a non-profit called Rural Health Projects, in Enid which covers twenty-six counties in western Oklahoma. She then went to work for the State Health Department to help improve the WIC program, where she retired in 1996. She now spends her time with family and traveling the world.

Longacre played a key role in establishing Reproductive Services in Tulsa as well as Tulsa County Perinatal Coalition. She was inducted in the Oklahoma Women’s Hall of Fame in 1993.

(Bio current as of 2010)