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Lesson Plans

These lessons are based on the Women of the Oklahoma Legislature Oral History Project. They are provided courtesy of the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program (OOHRP) at the Oklahoma State University Library with generous support from the Women's Archives at OSU and the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women. The curriculum was created by Dr. Linda Henshall Wilson of Northeastern State University and Latasha Wilson of the OOHRP.

The Women of the Oklahoma Legislature is one of many projects undertaken by the OOHRP. This oral history project captures and records information about female Oklahoma legislators in their own voices and provides an opportunity to reflect on their individual paths to the Capitol. It also documents more completely the presence of these women in state government.

The OOHRP invites you to use these lesson plans to introduce students to this group of women who have played such an important role in Oklahoma politics.

Letter to teachers from Dr. Linda Henshall Wilson
Suggestions for adaptations and modifications for special needs students

Grades 4-6

Design Your Own Campaign
Graph of Women Legislators (New)
Senate Quilt (New)
Letter Writing (New)
Taking the Oath (New)
State Emblems (New)

Grades 7-9

Creative Campaigns
Creation of a Graphic Novel – Day 1
Creation of a Graphic Novel – Day 2
Legislator Journal – Day 1
Legislator Journal – Day 2
Biography Poster
Letter Writing (New)

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Newspapers in Education

In 2010, the OOHRP teamed up with The Oklahoman to bring you the Women in Politics Newspapers in
Education program, based on the Women of the Oklahoma Legislature Oral History Project.  To view
NIE lessons (PDF format), please click below:

Lesson 1 - Women who served
Lesson 2 - Knowing your district
Lesson 3 - Campaign slogans
Lesson 4 - Writing your legislator
Lesson 5 - How a bill becomes a law
Lesson 6 - Learning about Hannah Atkins