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Non-administrative Library faculty are on 11-month appointments as in accordance with University policy as approved by the OSU Board of Regents. The appointment period is July 1 through May 31 annually. Payment options for 11-month appointments can be arranged through the Payroll Office and include a deferral plan for payment of an 11-month salary over a 12-month period.

Faculty holding 11-month appointments accrue 22 days of sick leave per year during September through May at the rate of 19.56 hours per month. No sick leave is accrued by faculty during June, July, or August.

Because of the Library's year-round mission, most of our faculty cannot be absent the entire month of June. Therefore, during a fiscal year, 11-month faculty may take paid leave to be repaid with work during June up to a total of 22 days per year. However, the number of working days during June changes yearly. Consequently, as the number fluctuates, faculty may still borrow up to 22 days against the month of June; but all 22 days must be repaid (worked) during June. For example, if there are 20 working days during the month of June in a certain year, but the faculty member takes 22 days during the year, all 22 days must be repaid. Unpaid leave cannot cross fiscal years (July 1). If all unpaid leave is not taken during a fiscal year, it will be forfeited.

Faculty may borrow against unpaid leave throughout the fiscal year at the department head's discretion. The faculty member should complete a request for leave form, checking "other" with a note "11-month," and submit the form through normal channels. Unpaid leave balances are maintained in the Dean's Office.

If an 11-month faculty member who terminates during the fiscal year has borrowed against unpaid leave, the borrowed time must be made up or be deducted from the final paycheck.

Eleven-month faculty are allowed professional travel during the month of June, the same as travel during any other month of the year. Hours of professional travel during June may be counted toward repayment of borrowed unpaid leave. However, faculty should be cautioned to anticipate consequences of this travel on unpaid leave balances.


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