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Sick leave is defined for the purpose of this policy as absence from assigned duty with pay, such absence resulting from an illness or disabling injury which is expected to continue for less than six calendar months. Sick leave is in no way intended or to be construed as "vacation time." (OSU Policy and Procedure 3-0705.8/2.09a).

Each permanent staff member employed in a full-time position shall accrue sick leave with full pay at the rate of 14.67 hours per month (19.56 hours per month for faculty September through May). The maximum accumulation of sick leave is 200 working days (1600 hours). Sick leave accumulations are credited at the end of each month until the maximum accumulation is reached. Sick leave balances are maintained in the Dean's Office.

Sick leave may be used for personal illness or incapacity, or for occasions which require the employee to be the primary caregiver for a member of the immediate family who is ill or incapacitated. The immediate family is defined as father, mother, sister, brother, husband, wife, son, daughter, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter, or corresponding in-law relationships. (OSU Policy and Procedure 3-0705.8/2.09e) Care of non-family members is considered annual leave or leave without pay. Time spent away from work caring for healthy children is considered annual leave or leave without pay.

Notification of absence due to personal or eligible dependent illness or injury shall be given to the immediate supervisor by the staff member (or a representative if the staff member is incapacitated and unable to contact the supervisor). If the immediate supervisor cannot be contacted, notice will be given to the next higher supervisor or designee. Repeated failure to give notice may be considered as cause for dismissal from employment. Three consecutive days of absence without notice to the Library is considered job abandonment and is cause for immediate dismissal from employment.

All sick leave used shall be certified to the supervisor on the Leave Request Form. Leave Request Forms are to be completed with accompanying documentation by employee and presented to the immediate supervisor for approval a minimum of five working days prior to elective appointments or on the first day following a sick leave absence. Falsification of such certification shall be cause for dismissal. The immediate supervisor reviews, approves, or denies request and forwards to department head or Dean's Office. All leave requests must be submitted to the Dean's Office by the third working day of the month (relating to the prior month) to meet payroll deadlines.

If the supervisor or employee disagree on documentation of sick leave, either will have the option to appeal to the appeal committee (created by Dr. Johnson). The Senior Administrative Associate also has authority to question documentation and take it to the Appeal Committee.

Elective physician and dental appointments should be made after consulting the immediate supervisor and made to minimize impact upon the work place.

At any time the accrued sick leave balance is reduced to zero, Library administration will do one of the following:

  1. Use earned annual or compensatory leave (employee choice), or
  2. Initiate leave without pay status, or
  3. Request the staff member return to duty, or
  4. Request the staff member resign or otherwise be separated from employment, or
  5. Request the staff member file for disability.

After 64 undocumented personal or dependent sick leave hours (eight days) are used or at any time three (3) consecutive days or more sick leave are used during a fiscal year, the staff member will be required to furnish satisfactory documentation of illness or disability. Satisfactory documentation shall be by submitting:

  1. Medical certification from the attending licensed health care provider, or
  2. Appropriately dated health care provider bill, or
  3. Appropriately dated prescription or pharmacy receipt, or
  4. Written statement from school or dependent facility officials declaring that dependent is ill.
  5. Documentation for over-the-counter medication is unacceptable.
  6. Appropriate documentation from a religious leader or congregation official for counseling services or other health-related issues.

Additionally, the staff member may be required to furnish medical certification that he or she is physically and/or mentally fit to return to work. Satisfactory documentation for return to work shall be by submitting medical certification from the attending licensed medical practitioner.

Staff members shall not be paid for unused sick leave. (OSU Policy and Procedure 3-0705.9/2.09i)


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