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365 Days and Counting

May 30, 2001

Historian's Notes

Happy Birthday, Oklahoma Audio Almanac!

Almanac Transcript

365 days and counting, this week on the Oklahoma Audio Almanac.

Hello, Iím Steven Kite.

It was on this week one year ago that the Oklahoma Audio Almanac first aired. The Almanac had been a long time goal of mine, and with the help of friends and colleagues a nebulous idea became reality. Since the program started, I have had the extreme pleasure of bringing to you stories of our states past. Making their way through the airwaves have been outlaws, pioneers, Native Americans as well as everyday people like you and me. Stories on the Almanac have ranged from the mundane to the insane. Land runs, robberies, missionaries and foot races powered by cornbread have all graced the almanac over the past year.

My initial purpose when creating the Almanac was to spark public interest in history. For many people history as a school subject was ruined by the apathy of athletic coaches. There is more to history, much more, than what is contained in the standard textbook. I want to remind people that history lies just out side their doorstep, and you see it everyday, go ahead, take a look, I'll wait. Even the smallest of towns or the most ordinary of people have stories in them just waiting to be revealed. If I've inspired just a few people to seek out such things then I feel that I've succeeded.

The Almanac would not be possible without the help and expertise of the staff and management at KOSU, Oklahomaís Public Radio. These kind folks not only provide the vehicle for the Almanac but have also shown extreme tolerance and patience in the creation and development of this program. They've even stopped cringing when I touch the controls. Material for most of the Almanacs comes from the OSU Edmon Low Library. Without the magnificent, and well run Special Collections and University Archives department, the Almanac wouldn't exist. So with the help of these people and you the listeners, the Almanac has had a successful first year.

Thank you, I hope you've enjoyed it, and keep listening!!!

I'm Steven Kite.

The Oklahoma Audio Almanac is production of the OSU Library and Oklahoma's Public Radio.

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