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The OSU Library serves as the archive for all theses and dissertations published as partial requirement for Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees granted by Oklahoma State University.  Masters degrees have been awarded at OSU since 1912; Ed.D degrees were first conferred in 1942, followed soon by the first Ph.D., awarded in the spring, 1948.


A thesis or dissertation reflects a monumental commitment of time, effort and original research and writing on the part of not only OSU students and their families, but their advisors and committee members.  This research comprises a distinct and diverse collection that forms a valuable part of the unique corpus of research, investigation and inquiry conducted at OSU.


Many theses and dissertations are available in electronic format, (.pdf), ETD’s, and the digitization of our remaining paper-based theses and dissertations is an on-going project of Digital Library Services.  


Electronic Theses currently available online were published from 1994 to the present.


Electronic Dissertations currently available online were published in 2005 to the present.   Within this Collection, many of the dissertations have restricted access, and require an O-Key account to view full text; although author, title and an abstract are available to all.  Early dissertations (1948 through 1961) are currently being digitized and will be added to the collection as they are ready. 


Our ETD digitization project is on-going and we expect several years will be devoted to it.  We are systematically starting with the most recent publications and working backwards; but are happy to digitize “on demand” as we have time and resources.  Please contact Digital Library Services. [405-744-9161 or lib-dls@okstate.edu].


Original bound theses and dissertations are also available at the OSU Library; the location and availability can be determined by checking our library catalog, searching by author, or keywords.

[http://osucatalog.library.okstate.edu/vwebv/searchAdvanced].  Bound theses and dissertations published from 1995 to 2005 are shelved in the Edmon Low Library on the main OSU Campus; prior to that date, they are housed at the Library Annex and can be retrieved with 24 hours’ notice [please contact Document Delivery,  405-744-9727].  Paper copies of all theses and dissertations are also available in the OSU Library Special Collections and University Archives.  Please contact their office for hours and availability [405-744-6311 or lib-scua@okstate.edu].  Theses and dissertations published after 2005 are all in electronic format.

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