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Fourth Floor Plan
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  1. Catalog Workstations
  2. Reshelving Area
  3. Silent Study Area

Materials shelved on the Fourth Floor:

Fourth Floor Stacks
Two catalog-access-only computers and printers and a laptop printer make up a catalog workstation

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Stop 1 -- Catalog Workstations

There are catalog workstations on Basement, Third, and Fourth floors next to the center elevator, handy to the stacks. These stations have two computers connected to the Library's catalog, two printers for these computers, and a printer for the wireless laptops. These printers can be accessed via Bluetooth, infrared, and USB cable (provided).

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Looking through the doorway into the Fourth Floor reshelving area where some books wait to be reshelved

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Stop 2 -- Reshelving Area

There are areas set aside on each floor where materials wait to be returned to their proper location. After an item is returned to the Library, it is checked in and sent to the reshelving areas. OSU Library prides itself on returning materials to the shelves within 24 hours. Patrons are welcome to look in the reshelving areas for items, and if you find something you'd like to use, please help yourself!

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Students studying in comfortable chairs with laptop desks and at tables in the Silent Study area

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Stop 3 -- Silent Study Area

This large, open Silent Study Area overlooks the Library lawn. Comfortable seating and plenty of natural light make it a favorite place for individual study. In addition to the south side of the Fourth Floor, the Basement is also a Silent Study Area. There are areas on First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Floors which are appropriate for group study.

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Color Legend: *

Orange block indicates Group study area   Group Study Area: Small groups and moderate conversation allowed, no cell phone use.

Green block indicates Quiet study area   Quiet Study Area: Quiet conversation allowed, no cell phone use.

Blue block indicates Silent study area   Silent Study Area: No conversation, no cell phone use.

* All study areas have signs posted with the applicable description.

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Last Updated: 16 August 2007