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Third Floor Plan
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  1. General Reference Office
  2. Theses & Dissertations
  3. Public Photocopiers

Materials shelved on the Third Floor:

Third Floor Stacks
A reference librarian assists a student in the General Reference Office

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Stop 1 -- General Reference Office

The General Reference Office, on the north side of the third floor, houses both the Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) Department and the Science & Engineering Division (SED). In addition to assistance at the Reference Desk, our reference librarians are available for one-on-one or group instruction. Each academic department at OSU has a subject-specialist librarian ready to assist researchers in that area. You can find your subject-specialist librarian at or by calling the General Reference Office at 405-744-6545.

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Shelves of theses and dissertations in the distinctive black and gold OSU binding

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Stop 2 -- Bound Theses

Located on the northwest side of the Library, this area houses the circulating copies of the most recent 10 years of Oklahoma State University Masters' theses. They are shelved by year and then alphabetically by the researcher's last name.

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Student using a photocopier

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Stop 3 -- Public Photocopiers

There are photocopiers available for public use on every floor of the Library. Copicards, change, and copier service are all handled by the STC Copicenter. There is a set of shelves next to each copier; please put the items you're copying on these shelves when you're finished and one of the Library's shelvers will reshelve them. In addition, there is a recycling bin next to the copiers for paper.

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Color Legend: *

Orange block indicates Group study area   Group Study Area: Small groups and moderate conversation allowed, no cell phone use.

Green block indicates Quiet study area   Quiet Study Area: Quiet conversation allowed, no cell phone use.

Blue block indicates Silent study area   Silent Study Area: No conversation, no cell phone use.

* All study areas have signs posted with the applicable description.

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Last Updated: 16 August 2007